I Can’t Believe My Friend Is Dead, And Neither Can T-Mobile

Image courtesy of (cool_colonia4711)

Tanya’s sister Tina died in a motorcycle accident this past summer. It’s hard enough to deal with the untimely death of a young person, but Tina’s emergency care after the accident left huge medical bills for her estate to take care of. And there’s one irritating thing left that her family can’t make go away: T-Mobile won’t close her mobile phone account, even after receiving the death certificate.

One of Tina’s friends let us know about the situation, but Tanya has set up a Change.org petition to gather attention for her cause.

I lost my sister Tina in a motorcycle accident July 14th 2012. She was the only one authorized to use her account, and her bill was paid in full and the death certificate was sent in along with the payment. T-Mobile has admitted that they recieved the death certificate but has stated that even though they have it, it was mailed to the wrong place so they refuse to close her account. Now here we are just under $300 has been added to her account that they will not close, and they are moving on to threaten to go after her estate for the balance on an account they refuse to close.

Why this is important. Well, Tina’s medical bills are well over $250,000 for life flight and trauma care, and any assault on her estate will only make our family suffer more by not being able to collect the insurance money to cover her medical fees. T-Mobile knows this and yet they are still contuing to go after our family for THEIR ERROR!!!

Please help me help T-Mobile understand that this is wrong and it needs to be fixed!

We reached out to T-Mobile for help, and will update this post when we hear back from them.

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