Delta Learns That It’s Not A Good PR Move To Upset Judy Blume

Judy Blume is a world-famous author of books for kids and young adults (I still remember the eye-opening experience of thumbing through my older sister’s dogeared copy of Tiger Eyes), but in the parlance of Us Weekly, she’s just like us! Except she has 75,000 Twitter followers to gripe to about her problems with Delta.

Yesterday, Ms. Blume voiced her displeasure with the airlines after she arrived at her gate early only to find the door had been shut and she and her fellow passengers were screwed:

Followed by an update:

She later pulled out the old #deltafail tag like the young whippersnappers she writes about.

Blume eventually got on her flight a few hours later, but told her followers to hang on to the torches and pitchforks. “This story’s still in progress.”

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