Toys “R” Us Opening Mini Departments Inside 24 Macy’s Stores This Holiday Season

Toys “R” Us is going gangbusters this holiday season in its effort to be the go-to destination for parents seeking out the hottest toys, gadgets and gizmos for their little ones. Along with the amount of layaway business it’s targeting with its retooled program this year, Toys “R” Us said it will open 24 departments in Macy’s stores this holiday season.

From about Oct. 15 through to Jan. 15 2013 Toys “R” Us will be shilling its wares inside Macy’s stores in big markets like California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and New York, reports Reuters.

If all goes well with this temporary venture, it could be something that happens at other times in the year or expands beyond a simple holiday pop-up shop, said the two companies.

Each mini store will be about 1,500 square feet on average, and will feature some of the more popular items on the toy company’s “Holiday Hot Toy” list, along with traditional favorites like dolls, action figures and puzzles.

But as we pointed out earlier — with the surge in layaway items being put on reserve, we’re quite worried it’ll be hard to find hot-ticket items closer to the holiday season. Which means the entire year could ostensibly turn into one big holiday season, fraught with parents worrying over finding just the right item to be unwrapped at just the right moment.

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