TigerDirect Won’t Accept My Coupon Because It Just Won’t

Image courtesy of This is not a coupon.

Jeff got a coupon with his last order from TigerDirect, and decided to use it to order some new speakers. Only the coupon didn’t work. The only explanation he could get from TigerDirect as to why the coupon wouldn’t work? Because it just won’t. They won’t accept it, despite having mailed it to him and everything.

This is not a coupon.

Recently I purchased a laptop from Tigerdirect.com.  Included in the box was a coupon for $10 off your next order of $100 or more that expires the end of October.  Just so happens I was in the market for a new set of speakers and they had a set I liked at a decent price.  The $10 off coupon made it a sweet deal.  I go the website on the coupon, it’s one of those annoying ones were you have to go to special redeem webpages.  I followed the instructions and thought the coupon was applied to my account.  I go through the checkout process and do not see it applied but being a frequent online shopper I know it sometimes does not get applied until the very end of the order.  I check out, and no coupon applied.

This is where it gets increasing frustrating.  I call up their support line to have it applied to my order.  The guy on the phone could not have done a worse job.  He stumbled over his words and gave me absolutely no confidence he knew what he was talking about.  He eventually just started saying I should have never received the coupon in the first place.  I say, “But I have the coupon and I meet all requirements printed on the coupon”.  Like a stuttering broken record he keeps repeating the same thing.  Frustrated I hang up and decided to email them.  I explain the problem and I get a response in a timely manner.  They stated they would help me with a problem, just scan the coupon and send it to them.  So that’s what I did, scanned both sides and emailed it to them.  I get a response again saying the coupon will not work.  When I tried to reply back again saying I met all the criteria for the coupon and it’s ridiculous they will not honor it but it will not go through.

I do a lot of computer work for my living and an a very frequent customer of tiger direct.  One reason I shopped with them is that in the past their customer service has been good to me.  However they’ve lost a customer for life because they lured me into a new sale with a coupon and then refused to honor the coupon that they used to lure me into a second sale.  To recap, I made a several hundred dollar purchase and included in its box was a $10 coupon off my next order of $100 or more.  I order $200 worth of stuff and the coupon does not work.  Tiger directs support refuses to honor the coupon and I’m left frustrated and questioning their integrity.

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