U.S. Postal Service Re-Enacts Seinfeld Episode, Delivers All June Mail On October 1

Image courtesy of Hello, Jason.

Hello, Jason.

Jason didn’t say whether his mail carrier’s name happens to be Newman, but he was pretty surprised to receive most of his mail from June on October 1st. That’s understandable. Usually you’d expect to receive that stuff at least by the end of July. If it were just ad flyers, he wouldn’t be annoyed, but the giant bundle of misdirected mail contained important things like bills. Good thing he wasn’t expecting any checks.

He writes:

Today, October 1, 2012, I received a large stack of mail ranging from June 6, 2012 to June 25, 2012. Of course there were things like bills in there.

Why do companies think that sending things in the mail is a reliable method of getting things to people?

He has requested an explanation from his local post office, but for some reason they’ve been in no hurry to call him up and explain what went wrong. Maybe they mailed their response, and he’ll receive it in February 2013.

The Andrea Doria [The Economics of Seinfeld]

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