Zagat’s Spellcheck Must’ve Been On The Fritz: Guide To “San Francsico” Made It All The Way To Store Shelves

Silly Zagitt. I mean, Zagatt. I mean, Zagat.

The process of getting a book to print and out on store shelves is a very long, very involved one, especially when publishing an official guide to a city. There are editors and copyeditors and all the various factcheckers and bosses and drafts and revisions and on and on. Which is odd, then, that Zagat’s 2013 guide to San Francisco’s Bay Area managed to make it to consumers with “San Francsico” on the book’s binding. Yikes.

The books hit shelves on Monday and right away bloggers and other media began to take notice. Not because Zagat had done such a wonderful job of addressing what the city has to offer, but because of that quite noteworthy typo.

As The San Francisco Chronicle‘s bloggers point out, those 2013 Bay Area guides are bound to become collector’s items due to the fact that they’re all a big mistake. Apparently they were sent out too early, hence the missed typo making it into the market. Zagat has confirmed that it’s doing its darndest to pull those copies as quickly as possible.

Versions without glaring typos will be available sometime in the future, but it’s not clear when. Probably when the spellcheck software is updated and a few copy editors get a stern talking to. We can relate — typos happen to everyone and are always embarrassing when they’re caught. Ahem.

Zagat is recalling its 2013 San Francisco Bay Area guides [San Francisco Chronicle]

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