Jarden Can’t Provide A Replacement Crock-Pot Lid, Can Send You A New Appliance Instead

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The Crock-pot is a pretty basic kitchen appliance that you may take for granted. Remï’s dad bought her one years ago, and it outlasted most of her other possessions through a series of moves. It was more reliable than the rest of her kitchen stuff, and a reliable source of hot food when the gas company wouldn’t turn her service on. Recently, she knocked her trusty slow-cooking friend off the counter, shattering the lid. Nooo! She contacted the company that made it, wondering whether a replacement lid existed. Her model was too old, but they could send her an entirely new Crock-pot for free. Well… okay.

She writes:

A few years ago my dad bought me a whole ton of stuff I needed for my new apartment, mostly kitchen stuff. This included a small simple crock-pot which he said I had no idea how great it was to have one. Over the years I used it more than I used most other things, and really put some wear into it. It managed to outlast most of my possessions in over a dozen moves.

When I moved into the apartment I am now, where I’ve finally settled in and decided to stay, there were a ton of errors with the gas getting hooked up gas company. I don’t own a microwave or anything of the sort and was flat broke, so this meant cooking all my meals for weeks in the damn crock-pot until the gas was all set and I could use the stove.

It’s been over a year since then and the other day, after loading the crock pot full of food, I was suddenly caught of guard by a bout of morning sickness and in the rush to the sink I knocked the lid of the crock pot off the counter and it proceeded to explode across the whole kitchen, leaving glass everywhere. I wasn’t too thrilled, especially since the oval shape of the crock pot meant I didn’t have anything that could replace the lid.

I went on the website where they sell replacement parts, only to find that they were out of stock because the unit is so old, fair enough, just really sucked that 8 weeks before my daughter is due a new crock pot is isn’t in the budget and it’d be really useful when I won’t be able to spend a ton of time in front of the stove. I decided to shoot them an email, figuring they might have a new model about the same size that I could buy a replacement lid for that would fit. Today, only two days after I sent the email, and on a Saturday no less, I received two emails.

“Dear Remi,

Thank you for contacting Crock-Pot, a brand of Jarden Consumer Solutions.

I am sorry to hear that the lid of your SCV401 Crock-pot broke, and I would be happy to resolve the situation for you. At this time, we do not have a handle or a lid available for your Crock-pot. I apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused. However, based on the information that you have provided to us, I would be more than happy to replace the entire Crock-pot for you, free of charge, as a one-time customer satisfaction replacement. You will receive your new unit within 6-8 business days via UPS. You will be receiving an order confirmation shortly via email.

We appreciate your business Remi and are happy to help if you have any further questions.”

The other is an order confirmation for a new crock pot. I’ve never really had really great customer service from a place, let alone for a product I got YEARS ago, so I’m pretty thrilled and hopefully my new crock pot gets here soon.

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