Facebook’s Redesigned Help Center Hinges On Novel Idea Of Actually Helping Users

Where’s the baby filter?

Anyone who’s ever found themselves banging their heads into the keyboard trying to get an answer out of Facebook on how to say, make it so that every silly game your acquaintance from college plays isn’t blasted all of your newsfeed will likely be glad to hear that the social network is finally redoing its Help Center. It’s now supposed to be more user-friendly — what an odd idea! A help center that’s actually helpful.

The redesign is supposed to resemble a mobile app experience but so far is only fully available on the Facebook website, says the company’s product manager, and it won’t take users so long to find the information they need. Each time you click on a topic, topics and potential answers to your question will slide in and out instead of loading a new web page, reports the Associated Press.

Along with the new and ostensibly improved help center (I’ve clicked around and still can’t get rid of that games icon on the left rail notifying me of 20 new game-related activities), there will be a support dashboard in “account settings” for users to check on the status of items they’ve reported as abusive or spam.

If you’re still feeling frustrated, have hope. Facebook’s product manager seems to think the help center isn’t done evolving.

“I don’t think we are there yet,” he said.

Now can someone tell me why I can unfollow some posts/photos/links/status updates but not others? I don’t need to see what your great-aunt JoJo said about your new tattoo after I’ve delivered my witty barb on the topic.

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