Thanks To Consumerist, Customer Wins Game Of ETF Chicken With ADT

You may remember reader Matthew, who a few weeks ago was playing chicken with alarm company ADT over having to pay an early termination fee for moving. After we posted his story, an ADT representative showed up and posted a comment, which got the ball rolling on an actual solution for him. They refunded him for the months that he had been paying for service that his local ADT salesman wasn’t willing to provide him.

I have to say I am very excited about the response I got from the Consumerist blog…considering it was enough to get the corporate level ADT consumer relations to comment from the other side of the country in Florida. With the contact information they provided I was able to e-mail ADT consumer relations directly. I made sure to provide the link to the Consumerist and my local ADT’s Yelp review page to help provide some perspective.

I got an immediate response first thing the next morning, and a call later in the day from a second representative. I think he may have breezed over the article, but essentially after a little pushing I not only got refunded for my monthly payments, but also partial equipment costs and no ETF. Fair deal considering how much work it took just to get a reasonable response, and we both avoided small claims court.

I really hope that the best efforts of ADT corporate start reflecting more on the local level for their sake. Every time I called in to get a hold of a new person to help me at the regional level, they seemed very helpful, and knowledgeable about the moving rebate. I just happened to be so lucky to never get to use it…so Corporate ADT WIN, local [redacted] ADT FAIL, always check-out your local ADT/security company reviews before letting one of their salesmen into your home. And thanks Consumerist community for all the helpful comments.

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