This Beer Promotion Isn't A Good Deal, But At Least It's Honest

Regular photo contributor Ashi sent us this photo, seen in San Diego. It’s a thing of beauty: truth in advertising and the least fuzzy math we’ve ever seen. Or is it the most fuzzy math, because it’s calling your attention to something that isn’t a special price at all?

This is too much to think about. Maybe I need a beer. Or two.


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  1. Abradax says:

    Buy one get none free!

  2. SpeakR40Dead says:

    Someone like myself would like to reward the honesty of the establishment.

  3. topgun says:

    Buy one for the price of two, get the second one free.

    • frank64 says:

      I don’t know if they do it now, but the supermarket Big Y used to do this many years ago. Raise the price of something right before the sale.

  4. HalOfBorg says:

    Mr Krabbs would be so proud!

  5. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    Save up to $0 or more on your purchase of 2 beers!

  6. ChuckECheese says:

    This arrogant shit reminds me why I hated Sandy Eggo sooooo much.

  7. triana says:

    I appreciate the humorous honesty, and I appreciate that I don’t have to do any math in my head.

  8. darklighter says:

    That’s Toronado, one of the best beer bars in town.

  9. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    In the bar I worked at we advertised the Biggest Glass of Beer in Town for $9.99.

  10. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    Free Beer Tomorrow!

  11. dana scully says:

    Does that mean i can get 6 beers for the price of 6 beers????
    wow—what a deal
    where is this place, I gotta find it

    I NEED BEER!!!!!!

  12. Growlertags says:

    “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do…I prefer to drink a lot of it!”
    At a great place like Toronado.

  13. jenjenjen says:

    It’s better than the “Soup of the Day: Beer!” sign.