Hackers Claim They Messed With BofA Website & NYSE Because Of Anti-Islam Movie

Like most of you, we’ve never seen — nor have any intention of ever seeing — this Innocence of Muslims movie. (Gawker claims to have the full-length script, if you’re more interested than we are.) Regardless, the short film that apparently mocks Islam is upsetting people around the world, some of whom claim to have launched denial of service attacks against Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange.

Calling themselves the Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam, someone posted on Pastebin that the group “will attack the Bank of America and New York Stock Exchange for the first step. These Targets are properties of American-Zionist Capitalists. This attack will be started today at 2 pm. GMT. This attack will continue till the Erasing of that nasty movie. Beware this attack can vary in type.”

The letter claims that the “United States of America with the help of Zionist Regime made a Sacrilegious movie insulting all the religions not only Islam. All the Muslims worldwide must unify and Stand against the action, Muslims must do whatever is necessary to stop spreading this movie. We will attack them for this insult with all we have.”

The BofA website experienced a slowdown and intermittent outages, which we assume was only exacerbated by every journalist in the world suddenly checking to see if the site was being affected.

“We are working to ensure full availability,” a bank rep told Reuters, while the NYSE wouldn’t comment.

Of course, the note doesn’t actually mention Innocence of Muslims by name, so perhaps they are talking about Bruce Almighty.


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  1. LEDZEPPELIN24 says:

    My mother and father got bofa emails in there inbox, but we aren’t people that go to bofa. The first was from bankofamerica.com, but the next was from bofa35.com, so I wonder if that was hackers?

  2. Speedstr says:

    I haven’t had any plans to see this film either. So as I understand it, instead of trying to hack the site that refuses to take it down (Youtube, who is owned by Google) They are going to hack companies unrelated to the movie. (I never thought I’d be defending BoA)

    • Upthewazzu says:

      They see “America” in the name of the company and don’t know any better. There was an interview in a Seattle paper the other day and I think this interview sums it up nicely:

      “I got this answer from a Coptic Eritrean who is a marine biologist by training but makes a living as a taxi driver:

      Before coming to America I lived in Saudi Arabia and other countries in North Africa. And what I can tell you is this: The people in these countries, and also countries in East Africa, cannot believe that people in America actually speak for themselves and not for the government. Why? Because what they have seen all their lives is only the government speaking. When something is on TV, it is the government speaking. When something is in the newspapers, it is the government speaking. You see what I mean? Something on the internet, it is the government speaking again. The government never allows anyone else to speak. So, they think it is the same in America. That video about their prophet doing very bad, very evil things? That has to be the government speaking. So they go to the American embassy and try to burn it to the ground. They just can’t believe a person can actually speak for themselves and not be in trouble with the government. This is what is going on.”

  3. cactus jack says:

    Shit, if they go after American Apparel we’re gonna be nekkid for a while. Hope they don’t figure out their mistake and go after US Bank too.

  4. BurtReynolds says:

    Apparently with the awful green screen work, and terribly dubbed dialogue, the fact anyone thinks Americans would watch this movie and take it seriously is also offensive.

    • wade says:

      I agree. We should probably attack an embassy so that others will know we’re offended.

    • Difdi says:

      Then again, if it’s of equal or greater quality to the movies produced in whatever third world country the rioters live in, how would they know it’s crap?

  5. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Religion is as religion does.

    While it is tragic to see people so disconnected from reality that they cling to religion, it’s also shockingly revelatory to see that people who live in these theocratic and/or dictatorial countries are so conditioned to the idea that nothing can be created without the express approval of the government that they honestly believe that the US government has sanctioned this anti-Islam movie.

    They actually can’t get their heads around freedom of expression. Probably doesn’t help that their religion also bans freedom of expression…insult the “prophet” and get murdered for it, etc.

    • luxosaucer13 says:

      “While it is tragic to see people so disconnected from reality that they cling to religion……”

      The problem I have with that statement, although you seem to qualify it in the very next phrase, is that it appears that you’re attempting to lump ALL religious people into the same category: People who are living an illusion, which couldn’t be further than the truth.

      Your statement is no different, in my mind, from the Nazi philosophy that all Jews were the cause of the German people’s problems, that ALL Israelis hate Palestinians (or vice-versa), that ALL Catholics agreed with the Inquisition, or any number of other generalisations that one could or would care to make.

      Just because a person is religious or not does not automatically mean that they’ve been subjected to some sort of reality distortion field, and, therefore are unable to think for themselves or engage in any kind of intelligent thought.

      I’m a very religious individual, but accept certain universal scientific truths, such as, according to the evidence so far amassed, that it appears that natural selection guided life on earth, and that because of the evidence uncovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, the Big Bang is the mechanism that created the universe as we know it.

      IOW just because someone is religious doesn’t automatically mean that they’re ignorant or stupid.

      Or, should I remind you about the well-known axiom about pointing fingers at other people………..

      • chiieddy says:

        Godwin has been invoked. Long live Godwin’s Law.

      • Difdi says:

        Exactly. You can’t prove a negative, and an absence of evidence doesn’t invalidate a viewpoint (if it did, no scientific theories would exist, they’d never have gotten that far).

        For that matter, since you cannot prove a divine being doesn’t exist, atheism itself requires faith. Believing in nothing is itself a form of belief. And has about as much foundation in fact as any other religious belief.

    • TuxthePenguin says:

      When was the last time Christians or Jews rioted over a movie? I mean, those NY riots when they burned all those buildings and cars over Piss Christ. Horrible, dark time in Christian history.

  6. jayphat says:

    10 people, TEN, in total have seen this film. Little bits are available on YouTube. So for anyone to claim this movie is the cause of problems is stupid.

    Years ago the KKK said they were going to march in Toledo. A large group of black activists said stop or we’ll riot. At the last minute the KKK backed out. Guess what happened? Riots over the KKK marching that NEVER happened.

    My point is people will use any excuse to do whatever they want regardless of if it holds merit.

    • Difdi says:

      The proper response to a threat of domestic terrorism involves the SWAT team, armored cars and possibly the National Guard.

      A riot is a freak occurrence of mob psychology. A deliberate riot is insurrection.

  7. MarkFL says:

    What’s more, I heard (whatever that’s worth) that the guy who made this movie is a Copt — that is, a Christian from Egypt — so it doesn’t even have Jewish or Zionist ties.

  8. The Cosmic Avenger says:

    After they take down BoA and the NYSE, maybe they can go after American Airlines next. Unfortunately, once they realize they’re only doing us a favor they’ll probably stop.

  9. TheUncleBob says:

    Guh. The press is feeding us all so much bull on this.

    The killings, the riots and the violence have a lot less to do with some stupid “movie” and a lot more to do with the fact that our government is sending drone attacks into their sovereign countries (against both our laws and international standards), killing their friends, families and neighbors.

    Sure, it’s easier to pass it off as “crazy people mad over some movie.” It’s harder to have to accept them as real people with a real issue.

    • LEDZEPPELIN24 says:

      Thank you. Nobody wants to admit anything about our government being bad when we are talking about things like this.

      • euph_22 says:

        You mean playing petty, short Sighted games with installing and overthrowing governments at will, that literally determine whether people live or die, for over a century, might one day come back to bite us?

        • Vegetius says:

          By “petty, short sighted games”, do you mean the 70 year proxy war of containment fought against a coalition of nations ideologically committed to our destruction, WITHOUT setting off a nuclear exchange that would have killed more people in one hour than malaria and bad whiskey combined? If so, that’s a use of the terms ‘petty’ and ‘short-sighted’ I’ve never seen before.

  10. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    Lets see. Some nut case in the US makes a very poor quality low budget anti Muslim video and posts it on youtube causing an international uproar, rioting, many deaths, and these types of things.

    A professional film made by Iranians called Saturday Hunter, aired at an Iranian film festival and on Iranian state TV, Memri TV, depicts Jews as massacring everyone that is not a Jew, trying to achieve God-like powers, shows target practice of shooting at cutouts of women and children, etc. Harsh words are spoken, but no international outrage, no deaths, no rioting.

    People wonder why Israel is so worried about Iran getting nuclear weapons.

    And, yes, I did watch the whole “trailer” of Innocence of Muslims. Barely Junior High School quality and designed to be nothing but offensive.. Think of it as Jr High boys making a movie and trying to make it as offensive as possible and that gives you a good idea of it.

  11. longfeltwant says:

    I heard a program on NPR which mentioned a detail of context which I found enlightening. Somebody said that when you interview all those angry protestors, they tell you that they believe the United States government produced the film! I went to YouTube and watched it, and it was nothing more than a very poorly produced racist screed. (Emphasis: VERY poorly produced.)

    To us Americans, the low quality of the film and its availability on YouTube immediately tells us what it is: something made over the weekend by some racist loser who has a beef with Muslims.

    To the Muslims, apparently, that context is not at all clear. Also, the film was probably nothing more than stand-in bait for a preconceived campaign to whip up sentiment and violence on 9/11.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      It’s a no-win cultural mishap. They think the U.S. government produced the film, but since they also think individuals in the U.S. speak for the government (and some think that the government speaks for them), no matter what anyone says about it being the work of one person, not representing the government, they won’t believe it. There is very little understanding of individuality in relation to the government.

    • wade says:

      I didn’t know Islam is a race.

  12. TheCorporateGeek Says Common Sense Is The Key says:

    What a bunch of douchebags, seriously the Muslim community needs to sit down and shut the f*ck up and stop being jealous of the freedoms we have. Enough is enough.

    • MrMongerty says:

      You are an idiot if you think they are “jealous” of our freedoms. It is more like they don’t understand our freedoms, and lump all of us together as “Americans”, sort of like how you just lumped all Muslims together.

  13. Press1forDialTone says:

    After what B of A and Wall St have and continue to perpetrate on us, they deserve to
    get their websites hacked -daily-.

  14. kataisa says:

    The hackers wouldn’t be Anonymous because they are notorious for hacking radical Islamic sites that encourage violent acts against western free speech.

  15. Difdi says:

    Not to be unsympathetic to the evil, soulless corporations, but…

    Is taking down BofA really a bad thing?