Tourist Should've Tried Asking Nicely Before Demanding A Free Cannoli At Knifepoint

No one is entitled to a free cannoli. But perhaps a polite request for such a treat would be a better way to go than demanding one at knifepoint in the wee hours of the morning. A man visiting Boston from Ireland celebrated his very recent arrival on our country’s shores by holding up a bakery to get his hands on a cannoli.

Cops say the man walked into the kitchen of the bakery around 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning, apparently led there by an intense craving for a cannoli, reports CBS Boston.

He picked up a knife and walked up to a worker, demanding she hand him the dessert. She complied and the man left — but he ignored the most important lesson we’ve learned from The Godfather. He took the cannoli, but he didn’t leave the knife.

Police arrested him in short order, perhaps even in mid-bite, right outside the bakery. They couldn’t find the knife, however.

The man had flown into Boston just a couple hours before for a two-week vacation. Taking in the local sights is one thing, but becoming a part of the local criminal system was probably not part of his plan. He had to give up his passport and was ordered to stay away from the bakery. No more cannolis for you, buddy.

Tourist’s Apparent Cannoli Craving Leads To Armed Robbery Charges In North End [CBS Boston]

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