UPS Delivers Like Nobody's Watching, But I'm Home

Kate works from home, which means that she can observe the top-secret movements of UPS delivery drivers when they think no one’s watching. That behavior isn’t all that great. In her town, neither is their reading comprehension. She sent a few short vignettes about her struggles with UPS, where they hit her property with a truck and it almost looks like they deliberately went out of their way to ignore her posted delivery instructions.

Damaged Property
So get this, my driveway is a circle so you don’t have to back up to get out of it. So what I’m trying to figure out is why the UPS driver felt he needed to back up the truck, at which point he backed into one of our light posts and bent it sideways. No note, no knock on the door, no apology. He just booked it out of our driveway. Funny that he thinks he would get away with it when I work from home. I saw you leave the scene of the accident buddy. Unbelievable. Maybe he felt that it was too difficult to drive all the way around it. Must also explain the difficulty he has with walking to my front door (which is around the side from my driveway), since he insists on dumping all packages in my driveway. This mildly peeves me but since I mostly have small things delivered, like books, it is usually ok.

My UPS Driver is Inconsiderate
I had spine surgery and I can’t lift anything. So when my delivery for today consisted of 4 packages ranging from 39 to 93 lbs each, I took the extra effort to put up signs specifically directing deliveries to the front door (around to the side of my house from my driveway). There are multiple reasons. This door has no stairs. It is covered (in case of rain). It is a large door so it is easier to get packages inside the house.

I know that to move these packages, because of my back injury, I have to open each of the 4 boxes and remove their contents – @25 pieces in each – individually. So what does the driver do? He completely ignores the signs and then to spite me he dumps the packages in my driveway IN BETWEEN THE TWO SIGNS! So now, I have to open the 4 boxes individually, and carry each of the 25 or so pieces from my driveway to my side door and into my house. I do not possess a dolly or any other type of device which would help me move these.

UPS does! My driver has a dolly on his truck. I’ve seen him use it. So why wouldn’t he acknowledge the signs and deliver the packages where I specified? Needless to say, I’ve filed a complaint with UPS through one of their techs at . He said he would forward it to the local office where the supervisor would call me back to confirm the details. I’m still waiting for that call back.

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