Samsung Shares E-Mail Address For Reaching Executive Customer Service

It seems like just 22 hours ago that Samsung USA was asking Consumerist to redact its CEO’s e-mail address from a reader’s comment. Since then, the electronics biggie has admitted that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea, and now the company has agreed to provide Consumerist readers with a new e-mail address that connects customers who have exhausted the usual customer service channels directly to Samsung’s executive customer service.

A rep for Samsung tells Consumerist that is a way to escalate complaints directly to customer service.

Keep in mind that this is only for customers who have already called 1-800-Samsung and been unable to resolve their issue with the front line of the company’s customer service.

Thus, we ask that people not use this e-mail address until after they have first gone through the usual channels, as most questions and problems can be resolved just by calling 1-800-Samsung. Skipping the line and going straight to executive customer service for most issues could backfire and just cause the company to start redirecting these e-mails back into the regular customer service queue.

Let’s keep this address open and functional for the customers who really need it. And let’s hope that more companies will choose to share their executive customer service contact info.


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  1. Hi_Hello says:


  2. Blueskylaw says:

    Most likely the CEO’s previous e-mail address will now be directed to executive
    customer service while he already has a new and unlisted e-mail address.

  3. STXJK says:

    Good on Samsung.

    I have family that works for Samsung Semiconductor in Texas, and I can say that they treat their employees quite well. After the terrible fires in Bastrop last year they gave every affected employee’s family a complete set of new Samsung appliances for a new home when they re-built.

  4. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    Love this: is a way to escalate complaints directly to customer service.

    In other words, once you have exhausted the “normal channels”, THEN can you talk to someone in customer service. So the people at 1-800-samsung are not customer service people.

  5. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Why don’t companies read this as “We need to make improvements in our customer service”?
    Lazy greedy scumbags.

  6. KyBash says:

    Still brandishing their love of discrimination!

    Because of my disability, I can’t use a telephone (not even TDD because I never know when the nerve damage in my hands will make it suddenly impossible to type for a while).

    I’ve written to the CEO about this several times. Their response? Call their toll-free number!

    What a bunch of self-righteous thieving bustards!

  7. ThinkingBrian says:

    That’s the way to fix a PR mess, nice job Samsung. Also hopefully customers who are having issues follow the recommendations above and first go through the correct channels that being customer service before ever considering using those executive/CEO/President email addresses.

  8. MohnJadden says:

    Wow, dang, I had issues logging into my account since this blew up, but I’m kinda stunned that I kicked over such an anthill.

    I just want to stress that I only did what I did because I was faced with a continued insistence to some kind of policy adherence that was never clarified or codified, doubled by that whole shpiel about “if you go to social media we won’t replace your laptop that we continually broke.”

    I’ve sent laptops in for service many times to many vendors over the years, and all I really care about is getting them fixed. The only reason I made such a stink and involved Consumerist was because of Samsung’s double failure. The only reason I started seeking out the CEO’s email was to try to get things going. I had previously also tried to email the executive customer service supervisor whose voice mail I was transferred to, but couldn’t figure out his email.

    To ensure possible future use of what I did – I used variations on email lookup tools. It took some trial and error but if you know the domain that your target address is at, you can probably just keep testing against it.

    Also, I’m willing to bet that email address is a distribution group to some managers, but if Samsung commits to actual attention when someone has exhausted the normal customer service channels, hopefully they hold up to their end of the bargain.

    I will say this, though: even though they burned me pretty badly, seeing actions taken like this is to me a pretty decent step. I hope I never have to use that email but I’m no longer excluding Samsung products from my future considerations. Which is good news, because I’ve really wanted the Relay 4G.