Maybe A Garbage Truck Garage Is Not The Best Place To Set Up A Wellness Clinic

With more than 200 sq. miles in area, the city of Chicago should have plenty of space to set up a temporary clinic for city employees’ wellness screenings. And yet some city workers had their blood drawn at a clinic set up inside the same garage where garbage trucks rest between trash pickups.

“The floors and walls were all covered in dirt,” one Streets and Sanitation worker tells WBBM radio about the garage. “Maggots and rats tend to show up at night, so we decided not to take this test.”

The employee opted to snap photos (more at CBS Chicago’s website) rather than have his blood drawn, but the photos do show several workers having their blood drawn, regardless of the conditions at the garage.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation tells WBBM that it’s looking into the issue. Though we can’t imagine who ever thought this was even close to an idea in the first place.


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  1. alana0j says:

    Oh my…and who’s held responsible for infections caused by the filthy conditions, should they arise? Or are they having them sign waivers before being stuck…

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    It seems that Chicago doesn’t think well of its workers. One positive in this situation is that the “wellness screeners” wouldn’t have to pay extra to get rid of their sharps and other medical waste, they could just toss it into the back of one of the garbage trucks when no one was looking.

  3. Sarek says:

    From the same people who brought you making lactating women express pump in the bathroom……

  4. Captain Spock says:

    oh chicago… Teacher’s strikes and clinics in Garbage Truck parking… I was born here but I live in a suburb which is just fine with me.

  5. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    Maggots and rats tend to show up at night

    How exactly does a maggot show up? And more importantly, where did it come from that it has that ability?

  6. and_another_thing says:

    For all their affiliation with the Left, you’d think the government of Chicago would be more friendly to workers’ rights, but no. It seems there aren’t any consititutional rights they embrace.

    • TheMansfieldMauler says:

      LOL. That’s because they only care about it as long as the money is rolling in. These workers obviously don’t have a union contract renegotiation coming up any time soon.

  7. Weekilter says:

    Chris, you might like to bone up on compound words like whoever instead of who ever.

  8. Bob A Dobalina says:

    Chicago- the political breeding ground of Obama- continues its fight to become the next Detroit.

    Give him four more years and the whole country will be the next Detroit

  9. Harry Greek says:

    Damn union workers – always demanding white glove treatment,…

  10. scoutermac says:

    You’ve never been to Chicago have you?

  11. akede2001 says:

    “Look out, they’re comin` right for us!” *BLAMMM*