Dish Network Calls Just To Check In, Offers To Pay For My Walking Dead Subscription

It’s now mid-September, and the Dish Network-AMC dispute continues. Dish subscribers have been forced to live without AMC, IFC, and some other channels no one cares about since July 1st. The satellite provider has tried to soften the blow for customers who complain, even offering one of our readers a free Roku streaming device and an account credit big enough to purchase an Amazon streaming subscription to Breaking Bad. Now Dish is taking customer care to even greater levels. They called up Lucas: not to sell him anything, not to collect on his bill, but to check in and see if he was happy with his service. He is, but he sure is sad that he’ll have to miss the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

He writes:

I just got a call from Dish network, the lady was super nice and accommodating (asking if she should call another time in case I was at work). She asked if my service was okay and if everything was going well. I told her everything was great except the missing of AMC because of Breaking Bad and mostly he Walking Dead. I had already received the free Roku and a $35 dollar credit for Breaking Bad, she told me that when Walking Dead starts I can call them to get another credit for that show!

I don’t know if that will work, but she was polite and honestly wanted to help me. I just wanted to share this story about Dish Network treating me like a customer should be treated.

That is quite impressive. It makes business sense: if spending a few bucks now keeps a customer from changing providers forever, it’s money well spent.

Are you a Dish Network customer who received a similar call? How did it turn out? Did they offer to buy your loyalty with fabulous gifts? We’d like to know.


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  1. MaxH42 needs an edit button says:

    I’m kind of sick of seeing AMC promos saying “Not on DishTV!” like it’s a special, exclusive perk. (And I don’t even have Dish.) It’s not something to crow about, AMC.

    • AzCatz07 says:

      What’s more annoying to me about that is that if you’re seeing those ads, you already have AMC and are therefore not with Dish Network. I agree with you; it’s nothing to crow about.

      • MuleHeadJoe says:

        Hmmm … are you sure it’s actually an AMC ad? I’m thinking perhaps it’s a DirecTV / Comcast / U-Verse / Other Service Provider ad touting the fact that they carry AMC so as to discourage you from switching to Dish. That kinda makes more sense to me at least.

        • AzCatz07 says:

          I’m pretty sure it’s an AMC ad, but I’ll have to rewatch to be sure. I’m certain it’ll come up again when Mad Men returns.

  2. frank64 says:

    The customers should support Dish and thank them for taking this fight by not having them give you free Roku players. You are much better off with them stopping the huge increase in price they are charging the cable cos. The cable/satellite companies are providing a broadcast service that allows the network to broadcast the commercials that they make their money on. From what I have read they have way to many commercials to charge you extra for it in cable fees.

    You see how AMC is putting the consumer in the middle by saying Dish won’t pay our extra charges, drop Dish. I would not get a Roku Player on their dime or ask that Dish pay a subscription for one of thier shows. This gives AMC income and lessens the impact of the Dish income loss.

    • lufflyness says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to make Dish the victim in this situation… AMC has gone over the top in trying to demonize Dish with the constant ads, but from what I have read, Dish never even attempted to negotiate any prices with AMC before dropping their channels. Dish reportedly did this to gain leverage over an unrelated lawsuit AMC filed against them for backing out of a contract to air a new set of affiliate channels. Being dropped by a cable provider not only cuts out the income from subscriptions but it actually reduces the rate a channel can charge for ad space, so Dish is probably hoping this will pressure AMC to accept a smaller settlement when the lawsuit goes to court.

      In the meantime, Dish knows most customers won’t bother to complain/leave so for the select few who do, a few free gifts and discounts here and there is pennies to them. So if anything, I encourage everyone to claim what they can, I don’t see fees going DOWN after dropping these channels, so why should you pay more for less?

    • citking says:

      I think you’re just trolling, but in case you aren’t, you are completely wrong.

      AMC is asking for the same fees from Dish that it asked from DirecTV, Mediacom, Charter, AT&T, etc. The fees are responsible for paying for content like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc. Those quality shows (by most standards anyhow) aren’t cheap.

      Dish keeps playing the game of chicken with AMC, Big Ten Network, and others. They lost against AMC, not only because of a small increase in retrans fees but also because of an unrelated lawsuit(here’s a source: Dish got their butts handed to them by AMC for breach of contract, Dish’s appeal was denied, so Dish plays dirty by cutting AMC and ignoring their customers.

      Let’s not also forget that Dish made $1.4 billion in net profit in 2011 (again, a source: so the few extra pennies per viewer that are being asked for from Dish by Big Ten and AMC are not out of line.

      The bottom line is that Dish network is fueled by pure greed and bitterness and I cannot wait to drop them.

      • trswyo says:

        The whole retrans dispute is a huge catch 22.

        AMC has decent programming for once, thinks they are valued more, wants more money. AMC is a publically traded company, needs to look better for the stock holders.

        Dish is a publically traded company, if its costs go up, it then must raise rates, to keep the stock holders happy. Customers hate rates going up threaten to leave, which would not make stock holders happy.

  3. Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

    I did not care much about this whole thing, but AMC playing those stupid NOT ON DISH commercials really makes me hate them. The only reason we watch the channel is for Breaking Bad.

    Why the hell do they even play those commercials when the only people that seem them are the people who are not on dish!

    • frank64 says:

      I guess they are saying if you are thinking of switching to Dish from what you have now, you aren’t going to be watching this show you like. It probably does work. And Dish knows it will hurt getting new customers.

      • MaxH42 needs an edit button says:

        I’ve started watching The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad recently, and all it’s doing is pissing me off. If I was considering switching I’d make sure to give Dish a good long look now, especially since I can always stream those two shows.

  4. JohnDeere says:

    this is the kind of service i might not mind paying a little more for.

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    My cynical side is telling me that Dish was calling customers in order to gauge the level of dissatisfaction customers are expressing and their willingness to dump Dish. This information will then be used as leverage to see how far they can push AMC to their benefit.

  6. Starfury says:

    We have Dish and I don’t miss AMC. The service is consistent and the price we pay is much better than cable or direct tv. We’ve even gotten free months of HBO, Showtime, and free PPV movies.

  7. Draw2much says:

    When I was at Dragon*Con this year they had a bunch of people dressing up as zombies and protesting Dish Network for this whole debacle. XD

  8. PragmaticGuy says:

    If everyone who has Dish took them up on this offer it would cost them more than the price of getting back AMC as it would cost $35 for every subscriber plus the cost of the Roku which I’m sure is much more than they would have to pay. So, I’m guessing that not a whole bunch of people give a crap about the loss of the channel and Dish doesn’t have to dish out all that extra money.

  9. offtopic says:

    I am a Sprint customer and recently upgraded from my Evo (with Wimax 4G) to a Galaxy S 3 with LTE that is not yet working. I have not really noticed a big difference in data speed, in large part because most of the time I found that Wimax was not much faster that 3G. Streaming, web, skype and tethering have all performed almost as well on the Galaxy with 3G as it did on the Evo with Wimax.

    As for my Galaxy – I adore it. If you are thinking about an Android phone I’d look at both the Galaxy S 2 and 3 – the 2 if you are looking keep cost down and the 3 if you want the newest and shiniest on the market – both phones are terrific.

  10. Proselytic says:

    “Dish subscribers have been forced to live without AMC, IFC, and some other channels no one cares about since July 1st.”

    Yes, I care and here’s why. Dish Network has been quietly replacing these channels with their own “Blockbuster” channels. Kind of like what Wal-mart does with brand named products. Now Dish Network’s official rhetoric is they’re keeping costs down by disputing cost increases and that in itself would be a good thing if true. I’m wondering though, if anyone at all has looked at Dish Network’s profit and loss reports. Dish Network is financially backing and launching new “Online programming” with the likes of (Ugh I hate to mention his name…) Glenn Beck. The point is I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Dish because they can’t afford to pay programming increases. Then you have to factor in just how sad their programming packages are. Everyone who’s used them, knows this and yes, when you consider how bad a lot of those channels are, you know Dish isn’t paying a whole lot for them. Also if you look at how Dish Network has mostly 3rd party marketers signing supposedly low cost package deals and then Dish Network turns around and hits their customers with much higher costs and erroneous fees, blaming their 3rd party partners for the dependencies, you’ll know how they make their money. Their customer support is practically non existent and actually talking to a Dish Network customer Service representative who can make real corrections, or decisions is literally impossible for the average consumer. Maybe if Dish Network treated their clients better and cleaned up their support services, they wouldn’t need to be calling a limited number of customers and asking if they were happy, or not. Their record speaks for itself, so yeah I care a lot about what Dish Network is doing, however popular the stations may, or may not be and you all should too.