Comment Of The Day: Slot Machine Of Fire

In today’s best comments, a reader from Oregon explains why pumping gas can be so exciting, and a reader trades a little herb for a restaurant meal right here in the United States.

Platypi: Some of us Oregonians look at filling our own tanks as a novelty when we travel to Washington. Kind of like a flammable slot machine!

Bonus hyperlocal dining comment: you can trade produce for restaurant meals here in the United States, too, if you know where to go.

Snowblind: Did this. Grew a boatload of herbs in my backyard, Basil, cilantro, thyme, sage… way more than I could use.

So I took the herbs to the local restaurants in trade for lunch. The quality of my produce was better than they could get so they were happy to trade. Basil in particular was very prized.

This works better in a high density area, like San Jose where I was going to Univ. at the time.

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