Woman On The Hook For $220K In Online Music Sharing Saga After Losing Appeal In Third Trial

Why does anyone download anything for free off the Internet that we shouldn’t be? Because the odds are that you won’t be caught, and if you are, well how could you be made to pay up when so many others are doing the same thing? For one Minnesota woman accused of sharing songs on the Internet, forking over $222,000 to the music industry could very well be her reality, after she lost in a federal court of appeals. She’s been battling the Recording Industry Association of America since way back in 2006.

The court reversed a lower court’s ruling in the ongoing saga against Jammie, saying that the Chief U.S. District Judge in the previous case erred when he cut the award against her to $54,000, the Associated Press reports.

There were more than 30,000 cases filed against downloaders and sharers by the recording industry, and this is one of the only two that’s gone to trial. Repeatedly. Most cases settled for $3,500 each, while another man is still fighting a $675,000 judgment against him.

Judges have sided with the industry against Jammie in three separate trials since 2006. In her last case, the judge said an award of $1.5 million against her was “severe and oppressive,” but this appeals court disagreed and has sent the case back to that judge to order her to pay $222,000 from her original trial.

“We are pleased with the appellate court’s decision and look forward to putting this case behind us,” the Recording Industry Association of America said in a statement.

Not so fast — Jammie says she’s going to appeal again if her attorney stand by her side, since she can’t afford to pay anyway. And the music  played on…

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