GoDaddy Offers Apology, Credit For Website Downtimes

While an anonymous hacker took credit for taking down web host GoDaddy earlier this week, the company says that the outage was their own darn fault. It wasn’t a hack or distributed denial of service attack, but “internal network events that corrupted router data tables.” More relevant to this site’s interests is that they offered a small refund to affected customers, but only those who took the time to click on a link in an e-mail explaining and apologizing for the outage.

Some people would complain that they had to see the message, not have it stuck in their spam filter, and bother to click. Following the Netflix model, at least they aren’t only giving tiny refunds to customers who call or e-mail them to complain.

Go Daddy Site Outage Investigation Completed [Press Release]


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  1. nybiker says:

    I got the email this morning. I logged into my account and then had to click a button to activate the credit which is good for a year or two (I don’t recall exactly, but it is at least a year). I believe the entire credit is about $8 for me. Granted, if you have more accounts with them, your credit is going to be higher, since you spend more every month. I believe they also pro-rated my 2-yr contract and gave me a credit for one month’s value.

    From an ease-of-user perspective, it stinks that I had to log in and jump through the hoops, but it is what it is. And FWIW, the email didn’t go into my spam folder.

    • Lyn Torden says:

      How else are they going to minimize losses by making sure lots of people don’t actually make the effort to get the credit, besides making it difficult?

  2. mentok1982 says:

    Not “Please accept your enclosed credt.” Godaddy demands that you accept the credit. In all caps as well…

  3. cybrczch says:

    I will have to check my mail when I get home (I manage a couple websites for horticulture clubs).

  4. DanKelley98 says:

    I received the credit and redeemed it very easily this morning. Apology accepted, GoDaddy.

    Thank you for one month of hosting on you

  5. who? says:

    I love it. “No, we didn’t fall prey to malicious hackers, we were able to be idiots without any help at all.”

  6. Keeggib says:

    This outage has finally driven me to find a new registrar/hosting service. Between the constant annoying up-selling, the elephant killing, the SOPA debacle, the GoDaddy Girls…All I want is a company that will do what it’s paid to do and not be a douchebag.

    • Azagthoth says:

      This, a thousand times. Just do your job GoDaddy, and the people will pay you for it. When you start advertising scantily clad women, you’re going to lose some of your audience. When you line your company up with the idiots in DC, you’re going to lose some of your audience. When you kill elephants and put the video up for everybody to see… you get the idea.

  7. ScandalMgr says:

    The CEO is the same one who hunts (so called “problem”) elephants in their native habitat in Africa, where villagers have encroached upon their feeding grounds.

    Save the Elephants! Boycott this a$$ by selecting a different Domain registrar

  8. kbsparky says:

    It was the scantily clad women that increased their customer base.

    I am one of their customers, but it was not those ads that influenced my decision.

    It is their great customer service, complete with folks who answer the phones that can speak “American” English, without any thick, overseas accents that are difficult to understand. It was recommendations from other business folks like myself. Things like that.

    I have been dealing with them for over 7 years without any problems whatsoever. Try to get that level of service from ANY other outfit, it’s rare indeed.

    I also received this email, and I didn’t have to complain to get it. I clicked on a couple of links, and now have the credits they offered, and up to 2 years to redeem `em. Not bad to get a month’s worth of service for less than a day’s outage.

    Just try to get an equal amount of compensation from any phone or cable company as a result of one of THEIR outages! It ain’t gonna happen!

  9. Balthazaar says:

    Hrm, the email I received was not for a credit, but rather for a discount on a renewal (at the standard discounts they are always offering)…

  10. deathtoll says:

    I didn’t even get that offer, I got this instead

    As a result of this disruption, you will receive 30% off any new product or renewal.* This offer will be available to you for the next 7 days. Simply place source code Apology4a in your cart or mention the code when you call 1-480-505-8877.

    So FU godaddy, will be moving ASAP
    (if you didn’t know, godaddy sends these emails out every couple weeks with this same exact offer. feels like a kick in the face after my email was down all day.)