JCPenney Will Do Anything To Get Shoppers In Its Doors, Including Offer Free Kids' Haircuts

JCPenney is not going down without a fight, and now it’s arming itself with scissors. Not to stab at anyone but rather to snip kids’ coifs for free starting in November. The new promotion announced today offers customers free cuts for kindergarteners through sixth grade every Sunday.

CEO Ron Johnson said JCPEnney had such a good time with the 1.6 million free back-to-school haircuts it gave out in August, calling the promotion’s results “far bigger than I expected.”

We’ve reported on JCPenney’s various other tactics to fight off competition from other retailers, from ending all sales (a decision which it reversed later) to a redesigned logo, mini shops branded by particular designers within its stores and the hiring of sassy spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres. Aaaand then there’s the unfortunate way it bungles even the simplest things.

The impetus for the extended deal is clear — If parents end up inside JCPenney lured in by a free cut, maybe just maybe they’ll buy something else. Keep those fingers crossed, JCPenney. Maybe one of these schemes will actually pan out in your favor.

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