Turns Out It Was An Angry (Now Arrested) Ex-Girlfriend Who Called In Security Threat To U.S. Airways

I do have to say that while there is no direct evidence that it was an angry ex-girlfriend who was responsible for calling in a security threat and naming her former boyfriend as a bad guy smuggling bad things on a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth this week, someone who isn’t upset doesn’t do that to another person. She and a reportedly current boyfriend are now in custody, and in an odd twist, so is the guy who was originally cleared of being linked to explosives when he was removed from the flight.

Let’s start with the bomb hoax perpetrators: ABC News says it was a “spiteful ex-girlfriend” who rang up Philadelphia airport authorities to say that a man on a U.S. Airways flight had liquid explosives. Said man happened to be celebrating his 29th birthday that day, which makes the whole experience one awful surprise present.

The inspector on the case says there’s no motive yet (uh, spite?) and that the ex-galpal and believed new boyfriend are in custody, but no charges have been filed yet.They’re being questioned by federal authorities and are definitely in hot water.

“This is no joke,” said the police inspector.  “These will be federal charges…they’re going to be very serious charges. It’s just an incredibly foolish and irresponsible thing to do,” he added. “And bottom line, it’s criminal.”

After the man was cleared of any wrongdoing in that case, he had a bit more bad luck land on him in the form of cops figuring out he had outstanding warrants racked up against him. He was subsequently re-arrested on Thursday in connection to those warrants when he landed back in Texas, reports the Associated Press.

When it rains, it pours, right?

*Thanks for the tips, Andrew and Chizu!

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