Dosage Instructions For One A Day Vitamin Gummies: Take Two A Day

One A Day is a well-known brand of vitamins, but its name is just that. A name. A brand. Not dosage instructions. This caught Jeff by surprise, though, when he bought a bottle of the brand’s Vita-Crave gummy vitamins for adults. He opened the bottle to find it half full: pretty normal for bottles of pills and supplements, but still irksome. Then he noticed the instructions on the bottle: take two per day. Take two One A Day gummies. I see.

He sent along this helpful visual aid:

Not only is the bottle half empty, you need to take TWO vitamins daily. Each bottle only contains 50, so there’s not even a month’s supply! What a scam!

I wouldn’t call it a scam, but it is a little misleading. Maybe the idea is that forgetting to take a few gummies is built into the system. Of course, I’ve been working on the same bottle of 100 multivitamins since 2010, so I would think that.

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