All Of The Summer Items At CVS That Are 50% Off Are 50% Off

Len noticed this sign at CVS. It seems pretty straightforward: the summer clearance items are all 50% off. Except for the fans. And the items that don’t scan at 50% off. The more you think about this sign, the more confusing it gets, because it means walking up to the counter or using a self-scan machine to determine whether items are on clearance sale. Why do you need a sign telling you to do that?

I was at my local CVS and stumbled across the summer clearance shelves. On them was the following sign (picture attached):

Select Summer Items 50% off
(excludes fans, only items that ring 50% off at register are included in this sale)

Yes, there were fans on the shelves. Also, ALL items on the shelves only had their original price tags on them with no indication of which ones would ring up as 50% off. So to find out if an item was on sale, you had to take it up to the register to have them check. Considering the efficiency of the local CVS in redacted, that would mean waiting in line for 5 minutes just to find out if that summer picnic item was marked down from 3.99 to 2.00.

Len is missing the obvious thing here: “The items that are 50% off are 50% off” is what the word “selcect” means.


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  1. Sorta Kinda Lucky Soul says:

    Yep. Was told that it was “too much trouble” to label everything that was half off vs everything that wasn’t — and besides, you can always take it to the red machine and price check it yourself (says the cashier who was texting during this entire conversation).

    Oh, sorry, my bad, I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation for my silly retail question.

  2. Scooter McGee says:

    Not surprised it’s CVS, the place where I see price cut labels that are $2 more than the regular price.

  3. NettyM says:

    Someday I’d like to live in Redacted. What state is that in, anyway?

  4. triana says:

    You either mark everything with a new price tag, or you move it to a separate shelf/bin/section. Or, if you’re truly that lazy, leave everything as is, no sign, and give customers a nice surprise at the register.

    Lazy assholes.

  5. ingramje says:

    They could at least spell “Select” correctly.

  6. TerpBE says:

    I think I was in that same CVS yesterday. Is it in D———n?

    They’re definition of “summer items” seemed pretty random. For example

    Summer items: Toy Story flashlight, a 3-pack of mini sports balls, an outdoor table/chairs set, American flag, and all inflated playground balls.

    Not summer items (but in the same section): Kites, gazebo/tent, outdoor speakers.

    • TerpBE says:

      Ugh…”They’re” = “Their”. I can’t believe I made that mistake. I must have been thinking “They’re pretty random in their definition…” but changed my mind mid-sentence.

  7. Tacojelly says:

    Just stop buying this seasonal crap from retailers (ESPECIALLY drug stores). It’s so wasteful and vacuous, and their willingness to mark down stuff so dramatically should tell you the true ‘worth’ of these products.

    I worked for CVS for a year, their seasonal items are garbage.

  8. Willow16 says:

    I bought a small tile table at CVS that was included in the 50% off. I also had to take it up to the register to make sure that it was actually included in the sale since it wasn’t marked

  9. RandomHookup says:

    I always hated that the CVS Halloween/Xmas clearance candy wouldn’t have the price marked on it. The sign would go up for 90% off, but you couldn’t tell what that would be (this was before the price scanners were in place). I had heated discussions with the cashiers about what the price was ringing at (usually 75% off) versus what it should be, all the while working backward in my head from the price it rang at to the original price. It is a bit trivial, but I like to be charged what the sign said I was going to be charged. And that’s a lot more candy for a buck when it’s 90% off vs. 75%.

  10. HomerSimpson says:

    You do know that big red thing you can play CVS card roulette through (coupons) is also a price checker, right?

  11. Kate Blue says:

    I was in a sports store the other day looking at airbed mattresses. They were 50 percent off the marked price. Only one variety had a marked price – the others were all guess what price it is, or bring them all to the front counter to make your choice.

  12. TerpBE says:

    Ugh…”They’re” = “Their”. I can’t believe I made that mistake. I must have been thinking “They’re pretty random in their definition…” but changed my mind mid-sentence.