Someone Out There Really Hates This PetSmart Store

Just like most major retailers, PetSmart has been the subject of more than a few complaints. But though some of you may have wanted to do so, no Consumerist readers have taken out their PetSmart-related anger with the assistance of their car — and a baseball bat.

But that’s exactly what happened late last night in Sacramento, where workers at a neighboring Taco Bell witnessed a man ram his car into the front door of the PetSmart, then get out and smash the store’s windows with his baseball bat.

Store employees don’t know why the still-at-large driver decided to smash up the store, but they did tell KTXL-TV that maybe the guy was trying to get at the pricey flea and tick-repelling products near the front of the building.

We want to think that this is like the first episode of a season of 24, and that this odd, seemingly random act of violent vandalism will eventually be discovered to only be the initial step in a global scheme that involves a Senator who is the head of a terrorist sleeper cell intent on poisoning the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma…. or something like that.