Durex Ad Stunt Replaces Boring Pre-Flight Safety Instructions With Condom Demo On Polish Flight

The cabin door is closed, you’re tuning out and maybe reading a book as your flight attendants are in the aisle demonstrating all the safety features of… a condom? Say what now? Durex Poland pulled a considerably sassy prank on some airline passengers for the sake of making advertising gold, replacing attendants’ usual safety instructions with a demo on how to properly use condoms. Safety is safety, after all.

In the spot (via AdRants), it appears that these passengers are not actors and have no clue what’s about to go down. We’re going to guess that Durex made sure all travelers were of the age of consent before subjecting them to a Health class demonstration that appears to embarrass even the most mature passengers.

We’re pretty sure this wouldn’t fly in America, so for now we’ll just have to get a chuckle from the advertising antics over in the Old Country. Anyone who knows Polish, feel free to translate the YouTube description, which Google tells me is something along the lines of: “Rules of conduct safe flight and explains the situations in hot lovely stewardess.”

You Won’t Ignore These Flight Safety Instructions [AdRants]


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  1. Diabolos needs more socks says:

    “May I offer you a beverage, snack, or membership into the mile high club?”

  2. Sarek says:

    Coffee, tea, or me?

  3. Squard says:

    I call FAKE. There’s no way a guitar case would go into an overhead bin.

  4. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Glad to know stewardesses are still hot SOMEWHERE in the world.

  5. Jane_Gage says:

    That’s as close as the guy at 1:18 ever got to using one.

  6. shepd says:

    Interesting how they managed to get so many cameras on the plane to film a supposedly unknowing audience without them seeing them… including cameras that are moving about.

    I call fun commercial, but bullshit on the audience not being paid.

    • steve6534 says:

      Right on.. Especially since there would need to be cameras all over to get those shots and they also have the curtains closed prior to taking off which is never the case.

      • Ace says:

        My guess is the people were paid for “a publicity advertisement by an airline affiliate” and had no idea what exactly they were in for. Just that they were to be part of a commercial on an airplane.

        I have seen this done by mythbusters when they were experimenting with yawning and crowd manipulation. They told the volunteers nothing but that they were gonna get to be on TV and they were in the waiting room for an interview as an extra on the mythbusters set. Carey and Tory then proceeded to experiment on the unsuspecting volunteers. A little different, but same concept of keeping the passengers clueless.

  7. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Off-topic, but on my flight from LAX to DFW, the monitor in the middle of my section was a CRT that was randomly turning blue. I kept waiting for it to fizz out, which might have been entertaining. It was a Boeing 767 or something like that.

  8. Velvet Jones says:

    Why is it that nearly every other nation still has hot flight attendants, while the US fleet is made up mostly of extras from the Lord of The Rings or the cast of Rent? I was on a Swiss Air flight last year, every one of the attendants looked like they were straight out of Playboy.

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    1). Insert
    2). Pull out
    3). Repeat if necessary

  10. buddyedgewood says:

    It’s too bad that could never happen here in the U.S. There’s just too many puritans around who would sue the airline for ‘pain and suffering’, and they’d probably win the suit, to boot…

  11. Benjamininja says:

    OK, so this is definitely not a real airline springing it on unsuspecting passengers. There’s too many cameras, including mobile ones in the aisles, for the people not to know they’re there. Plus, as the shots alternate between front and rear, the cameras should be visible to each other.
    Also, I do not believe that an airline would replace their safety demonstration with advertising. It’s not about WHAT they’re replacing it with, it’s THAT they’re doing it at all.

    What I can believe, though, is that these people were genuinely surprised. It could be that they were told they were filming one thing, and then had this sprung on them. That takes care of insuring that they’re all of legal age, as they’d all have signed forms before coming onto the airplane cabin set.

  12. BigHeadEd says:

    To be fair, the Poles are famous for their sausages.

  13. Chuft-Captain says:

    I love the dude at 1:24 who leans over to his girlfriend and promises her they’ll practice this lesson in depth later.