Megabus Hero Grabs Wheel From Unconscious Driver, Steers Bus To Safety

The driver of the Megabus traveling from Philadelphia from Pittsburgh was, witnesses told various local media, “out of it.” She forgot to take her blood pressure medication, became ill, and lost consciousness. Dozing passengers were alerted to her state when two tractor-trailers boxed in the bus. Passengers rushed to the front to help, but one man happened to be in the right place and had the right qualifications. That was a Pittsburgh pastor who has driven a variety of large vehicles, and had just earned his commercial driver’s license.

The bus driver had been piloting the bus a bit erratically since departure, nearly hitting a car. When she lost consciousness, though, the lives of everyone on board were in danger. The pastor grabbed the wheel, maneuvered the bus to the shoulder, and waited for a replacement driver to show up.

In a statement, Megabus said that the driver is doing better, and that they plan to investigate the incident. Their statement gave the details of the incident, then expained:

The driver who took ill is doing well and will receive further checks from the doctor. Safety is our absolute priority and, as a matter of course, we are investigating the incident. We apologize to passengers for the disruption to their trip.

Local Pastor Recounts Megabus Ordeal [KDKA] (via Fark)

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