Madonna Booed For Showing Up 2.5 Hours Late For Own Concert

Concerts usually start later than the time on the ticket, but apparently 2.5 hours later (with only a DJ as your opening act) is a bit too late for the people of Philadelphia. The CBS affiliate in Philly is reporting that the crowd turned on Madonna when she finally took the stage at 10:30 pm (for an 8 pm show) but the boos were probably quieter than they could have been… because some concert-goers had already given up and left.

“I don’t know who you think you are Madonna, but you stink. We left, you can pay my babysitter,” one fan told CBS. Another disappointed fan, a mom who brought her 10-year-old, told CBS that they left 15 minutes before the show started. (She must be a much cooler parent than my mom was, because I was not allowed to attend the Blond Ambition tour under any circumstances, but I digress.)

Even local politicians were upset:

On his Twitter page, Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney wrote: “Yo Madonna! It’s 10:15. Some of us have to work tomorrow while you sleep ‘til noon with cucumbers on your eyes.”

Dedicated readers of this site will recall that this is our second “Madonna pisses off tens of thousands of fans” post in about a month.


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  1. deathbecomesme says:

    Well when you get to be her age you tell me if you can stay out at all hours of the night singing and dancing on stage! Come on now she had to stop and change her Depends and needed a hip adjustment

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I was led to believe that she was a vampire who feasted on the blood of the youthful. So I thought she’d be well-rested at that point in the night.

      • aaronx says:

        The youthful aren’t going to her concerts anymore, so she has to actually hunt now. Hence, the delay.

  2. cactus jack says:

    She’s starting to look like Bobby Liebling. I take back what I said about Rod Stewart.

  3. shea6408 says:

    Slightly off topic…

    “Concerts usually start later than the time on the ticket”

    I went to a number of Bruce Springsteen concerts between 1999 and 2006. His shows would ALWAYS begin one hour after the starting time listed on the ticket.

    • bsteimel says:

      Most main acts do not start at the ticket time but that is usually not because somebody shows up late. Usually there are starter acts that go on before the main act. Also these starter acts can go on a bit longer then planned or breakdown or setup between acts can go on longer then expected. That’s fine, but to flat out not show up for over 2 hours and not have acts you follow is bull—-. All they had was a silly DJ.

      I saw a dave matthews concert a long time ago and he didn’t start when he planned, far from it, but I couldn’t care. I was watching the roots and santana. The roots and santana! Not some crappy DJ who does bars and weddings the rest of the week.

      • cigsm says:

        Madonna was a half hour late & for VERY good reason, which she explained to the sold out crowd, who then went even wilder then they did before the apology. This was the first arena show of the tour. They had to adjust from stadiums to arenas & that soundcheck & rehearsal pushed everything back a half hour. She was supposed to go on at 10pm. She went on at 10:30pm

        • gerald.saul says:

          So the DJ was scheduled to onstage from say, 8-9.30pm? Then Madonna was supposed to go on at 10pm?

          • kc2idf says:

            Indeed. If you’re going to put a DJ up there, he’d better be David Guetta. I’m a DJ and I wouldn’t have taken the gig, just because I know it’s the wrong form of entertainment for an opener.

        • jasonq says:

          You know, half an hour is reasonable and respectable. I can handle a 30-minute delay. But *two and a half hours*? That just shows a basic lack of respect for the people who’ve spent a considerable amount of money and their time to come see her sorry ass perform.

      • shea6408 says:

        Springsteen doesn’t have any opening acts.

    • snarfies says:

      I saw Dead Can Dance here in Philadelphia last Sunday evening. They began very precisely on-time.

    • tungstencoil says:

      I remember, back in the day (maybe 88 or 89) going to see Prince in Detroit. He was notorious for being late, but I was concerned about missing something…

      Got there a little early. No opening act. Prince came on about 5 minutes after the starting time. Played over 3 hours (no joke). Watched people coming in, looking stunned, as late as an hour after starting time.

      Side note: later that evening, a friend tipped me off Prince was doing one of his unannounced club shows that night at the club he bounced at. Got to go before they shut the doors, and saw more Prince, up-close-and-personal, that night until about 3 in the morning. Awesome.

  4. nishioka says:

    Who does she think she is, Axl Rose?

    • servo90 says:

      I was wondering how many comments I’d have to read before seeing Rose’s name. Kind of disappointed it’s nine.

  5. msbaskx2 says:

    Let’s be realistic. It doesn’t matter. “Entertainers” have been doing whatever they want whenever they want since the beginning of time and they do not suffer financially for it. People pay hundreds of dollars to see a concert, the “star” is grossly late but they’ll be first on line to buy tickets to the next concert where they will wait again.

    Try going to a Yankee game. It’ll cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to park your car in a crappy neighborhood, sit in a crappy seat, see the game and eat crappy food. Think the “stars” like Alex Rodriguez care? Why would they? He collects his gazillions dollars even if he sits in the dugout the whole game.

    How about the latest Jennifer Aniston movie (you know, the one where she plays the same damn person as she has in every role she’s ever been in?). The movie blows? So what, she’s got her $20 million. And she’ll get $20 million for the next one. Sure, eventually, Jennifer Aniston’s star will fade and people won’t go see her movies, but by then she’ll have amassed wealth equal to some small countries.

    It’s been proven time and time again that there is no limit to what people will put up with and pay to be “entertained”.

    • aaronx says:

      While I don’t disagree with your premise, your two examples are pretty flawed.

      Instead of attacking A-Rod (and, let me tell you how unbelievable it is that I find myself defending him) you really should be attacking the Steinbrenners. They own the Yankees. They dictate to the cost of virtually everything within the Yankee universe.

      And as you accurately stated, Aniston’s star will surely fade (it’s already in progress) so who can blame her for cashing as many checks now, while she still can? And, let’s be honest, she was never destined for any sort of art house, oscar-worthy roles anyway. She largely makes crappy, cookie-cutter films, that enough people enjoy seeing that they keep making them.

      Whether the examples are perfect or not, the principle is correct: As long as people are willing to pay, things will stay the same. The only way to get real change is to hit the owners/producers/promoters/artists in their pocketbooks. And that’s not going to happen any time soon…a

    • nishioka says:

      Irrelevant. Baseball games don’t start 2.5 hours late unless the weather is bad, not because of the whims of an “entertainer”.

      Selling tickets to an 8pm show and then starting the show at 1030pm is bad business.

      • JJFIII says:

        Oh really? I purchased tickets to a game that had a scheduled time on it of 1:00 pm. A week or so before the game, the national TV contract forced them to move the game o 8 pm ON A SUNDAY.
        I was not offered a refund. I was not offered a make good In fact, it would be illegal for me to even sell my ticket.

        • TheMansfieldMauler says:

          In fact, it would be illegal for me to even sell my ticket.

          LOL who told you that and why did you believe it?

          • Chuft-Captain says:

            In many places it would be marked as scalping, which, in many places, IS illegal.

            • TheMansfieldMauler says:

              Scalping is selling a ticket for more than face value. The act of just selling it is not scalping. You can sell it without doing anything illegal.

              • AstroPig7 says:

                Actually, the legal definition of scalping (or ticket resale) in some states applies to any price point, even if it’s lower than face value.


                • TheMansfieldMauler says:

                  Not finding that in the link you provided.

                  Regardless, I’m not saying there are no laws or restrictions. Of course there are state laws and local ordinances that prohibit certain actions and/or restrict the time/place/manner of selling a ticket.

                  What I’m saying is that there is no blanket law anywhere on reselling a single ticket that you own to another person for the amount you bought it for. There is no law anywhere that says a ticketholder must use a ticket, give it away for free, or he’s SOL on the money he paid. There are plenty of perfectly legal ways to sell a ticket and recoup all or part of the money.

                • TheMansfieldMauler says:

                  If what you’re saying is true, you could never buy two tickets and have your buddy reimburse you for one of them.

            • Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

              So is speeding and not paying sales/use tax on your Amazon purchases.

        • shea6408 says:

          Generally, sports tickets are not refundable, but there should be some provision that if a game is advertised as starting at 1.00pm but ESPN decides they want to make it a “Sunday Night” game and change the starting time to 8.00pm, those who bought tickets expecting to go to a 1.00pm game should have the right to either exchange the ticket for another game, or return it for a full refund. It’s not the customer’s fault that the starting time was changed.

          • gerald.saul says:

            Depends on the club, of course. But, if you were attending a Texas Rangers game, my guess is they would allow you to do exactly this. Just another reason why I still love the Rangers.

    • MarkFL says:

      At least Aniston showed up on the screen on time.

  6. aaronx says:

    I like the addition of “own concert” in the title. As if she’d be booed for showing up late to a Mumford & Sons show.

  7. weave says:

    Big deal. Back in my days in the 90s Guns n Roses was 4 hours late for a start in Philly. We were kept entertained by big screen shots of cameras zooming in on women in the crowd and then they would flash their boobs for the entire stadium’s delight, and then be hauled off by security.

  8. Gambrinus says:

    Er, most of the venues I go to will advertise 7:30 for doors, 8:00 for start, but the opener usually doesn’t even start til 9:30 and 10:30 for the main act wouldn’t be unusual. And a show going til 2am (or later) isn’t unusual either.

    I think maybe the problem is that her shows are mostly attracting the kind of crowd that needs to get a babysitter to see a show…

    • TheMansfieldMauler says:

      I think maybe the problem is that her shows are mostly attracting the kind of crowd that needs to get a babysitter to see a show…

      Or a catsitter.

  9. Torchwood says:

    My boss does not appreciate me coming in 2.5 hours late to work unless I make prior arrangements.

  10. Coffee says:

    Don’t you gits know anything? The times on her tickets are always London time because she is British. Hours before the fans got there, she had already played the show and left. You’re lucky she came back for an encore, and you should all be thanking her.

    • scoosdad says:

      That wasn’t her coming back for an encore, it’s just that the earth rotated under her and swung back around many hours later.

    • Sarek says:

      Madge from the block (New York City) just uses the British accent when she’s over there.

      Anyway, I though senior citizens got up at 4am and went to bed at 9pm?

  11. who? says:

    My brother was the stage manager for a big AIDS benefit in NYC back in the mid-90’s, where Madonna was the headliner. Madonna and her entourage show up, and go into her personal dressing room and hide out. The other performers treat it like a big jam party. They hang out back stage, eat the food, take turns going onstage, sometimes by themselves, and sometimes they go out and jam with each other. Eventually, after about 4 hours, Madonna comes out, and without speaking to anybody backstage, goes out to the stage. The crowd rushes the stage. While the crows is still running forward, she grabs a mic, says “Thank you all for coming,” turns around, walks offstage, into a waiting limo, and leaves.

    My brother became lifelong friends with a couple of the performers that he met that night. Madonna wasn’t one of them.

  12. HeadsOnPikes says:

    I’d boo if Madonna showed up too.

  13. TasteyCat says:

    Do any of these people realize it’s not 1980?

  14. samalfit says:

    Really – have you ever been to a concert? The ticket ALWAYS says something like 8:30 to start – and the main liner NEVER starts before 10:00. The only difference here is the ticket usually lists an opening act, such as “THISbandBLOWS” – who you are not interested in seeing anyway. The advantage here is you can stay in your car and drink more beer while “THISbandBLOWS” performs, but Madonnas ticket did not list “LAIDBACK LUKE” (or was it “LOSER LUKE”) as the opening act (If you call a DJ an “ACT” at all). Personally I have great disdain for the DJ/Club Music thing, but this is Madonna (a pop & dance club music singer) not OZZY. While I agree that they should list old “not-so coolhand luke” on the ticket so you can plan to avoid him – Madonna was not that late, especially when you consider this is the North American Tours 1st show.
    Regardless – I would have opted to avoid LUKE if I knew, and as a result I did sit in the Wells-Fargo Center absurdly crowded and uncomfortable seat for 3 hours before Madonna started, and I was very aggravated also, BUT her show was great, and vastly better than the majority of the showmanship of the 1000+ rock concerts I have attended, her voice is strong and clear, and she is beautiful (although I am sure your 54 year old wife is a “hotter hottie”). If you can’t stay up till midnight, stay home, and buy the CD, but concerts typically go on till about 12:00 every time. –
    I understand why everyone booed, but she was not that late — its just that they were “tricked” into sitting through a talentless DJ who apparently is accomplished at pushing “Play”, and can make “L”‘s with his hands.

  15. PLATTWORX says:

    Saw her a couple years back for the first time. Yup, show time was 8pm… no opening act and no Madonna on stage until a bit after 9:30pm. This seems to be how she rolls.

  16. BorkBorkBork says:


    I’ve been hearing ads lately for Madonna coming to MGM Grand – Vegas. Only floor seats are left. I kid you not: $2,100 – $2,700 each.


  17. cigsm says:

    It’s sad the mis-information that’s out there about this.

    Ticket time was 8pm. DJ went on from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Madonna was SUPPOSED to go on at 10:pm, but came out at 10:30.

    She also very clearly explained “I apologize for being late tonight. This is our first arena show & we had to fix a few things to adjust BECAUSE MY FANS DESERVE IT”.

    She’s been playing stadiums overseas. This was the first arena show. They came in on Monday & rehearsed until almost 2am, trying to perfect the show for arenas. A security guard told one of the papers “I’ve been here 22 years & have never seen an artist rehearse this long”.

    She then rehearsed AGAIN until 7pm, so the doors didn’t open until 7:30 (instead of 7 as originally planned).

    • dks64 says:

      I seriously doubted that she was late because she was being a diva, like many people here believe. This makes sense. I’m not a Madonna fan and I think this is a legit reason. When I saw Toby Keith locally, he was over an hour late. I assumed it was because of traffic, it was a a tiny 2 song performance and CD signing at a K-Mart. Many artists travel constantly, they can get delayed easily by flights and traffic.

  18. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    Anybody who would pay good money to see this hagged-out skank deserves to get screwed… twice.

  19. humphrmi says:

    Funnily enough, I saw Madonna in her first concert in the ’80’s, she showed up a couple hours late then too, but back then nobody who went to a Madonna concert cared, it just meant a longer party for everyone.

    Now, her fans have to get home earlier and take their medicine, and sit on the toilet for a while before they turn in. It’s very inconvenient to have to wait that long for a concert to start.

  20. simplephoenix says:

    I’ve been to one of her concerts and the show started right on time. It’s pretty impressive too.

    The ageism in some of these comments incredible. I only hope to look that good at 54. I am sure most of you are out of shape, overweight, stuck in life, and incredibly jealous. Not a huge Madonna fan here but she is definitely one to admire. She’s not cracked out or a wastoid. Plus she’s an excellent representation of how a person can evolve and continue to change in their lives. How many “stars” work as hard or keep it up in spite of the adversarial forces against them?

    • PeriMedic says:

      I agree. :) I’m the same age as Madonna, and I think I look pretty good (my avatar IS me), and I work 2 jobs and a volunteer job, and they are somewhat physically demanding. But I was chastised on here once (or maybe that was on Cracked), that a single example does not disprove a trend…

  21. macaronipony says:

    She apologizes for being late and then does the exact same thing 2 nights later in Montreal !!!!! She started the concert at 10:15 !!!!! U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. The die hards on this post should stop defending her as it is has nothing to do with the sound check or any other excuse. She is just the female version of Axel…… TOTALLY unacceptable and does not give a hoot about the fans.

    • eyegolf says:

      Just went to my very first Madonna concert last night at Yankee Stadium NY. I was in disbelief that she did not come out until 10:20. I saw an earlier comment that someone said she does it and gets away with it because the fans will still keep coming back. Well not this fan.

  22. Easter Love says:

    Surprised to see no one mention yet that Philly crowds love to boo when anything goes wrong. So Madonna shouldn’t feel too bad…