Madonna Booed For Showing Up 2.5 Hours Late For Own Concert

Concerts usually start later than the time on the ticket, but apparently 2.5 hours later (with only a DJ as your opening act) is a bit too late for the people of Philadelphia. The CBS affiliate in Philly is reporting that the crowd turned on Madonna when she finally took the stage at 10:30 pm (for an 8 pm show) but the boos were probably quieter than they could have been… because some concert-goers had already given up and left.

“I don’t know who you think you are Madonna, but you stink. We left, you can pay my babysitter,” one fan told CBS. Another disappointed fan, a mom who brought her 10-year-old, told CBS that they left 15 minutes before the show started. (She must be a much cooler parent than my mom was, because I was not allowed to attend the Blond Ambition tour under any circumstances, but I digress.)

Even local politicians were upset:

On his Twitter page, Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney wrote: “Yo Madonna! It’s 10:15. Some of us have to work tomorrow while you sleep ‘til noon with cucumbers on your eyes.”

Dedicated readers of this site will recall that this is our second “Madonna pisses off tens of thousands of fans” post in about a month.

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