Get Your Back-To-School Stockings In Time For Christmas Creep

Martha sent along this small, but festive photo that she took at Value Drugs. Sure, most kids aren’t even back in school yet, but someone somewhere is waaaay ahead of schedule and already shopping for Christmas stockings. We’re not sure who that person is, but evidently they shop at Value Drugs.


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  1. Coffee says:

    This is a display from Value Drugs, not Target or Walmart…are we positive that this isn’t a clearance rack from Christmas 2011?

  2. TrustAvidity says:

    Do a lot of stores put clearance in the front window? I’m not trying to be snarky. It just seems like it’d be a weird decision. Quite possible though.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    And here I was wondering if Victoria’s Secret had sent out their back-to-school catalog.

    • Coffee says:

      Having recently been to a high school music recital, I can tell you that this statement isn’t outlandish at all…the girl in front of me kept having to pull up the strap on her Victoria Secret bra. I know it was Victoria Secret because it was written in tiny letters on the strap. I am 32 years old and feel terrible that I know this.

      • Martha Gail says:

        Bra straps get loose sometimes. No big. Just because she’s in high school she can’t buy the brand she likes? It’s not like VS is Fredericks of Hollywood.

        • Press1forDialTone says:

          But is frightening close. Check the print and tv ads. Pretty
          racy stuff even from brain dead models.

          • Murph1908 says:

            I disagree. VS stuff isn’t very sexy at all. The models are, but all the bras are boring.

            • Martha Gail says:

              I agree. Yes, models in bras and panties are sexy, but in general, they’re just plain bras and panties that go under your clothes.

              If the girl had gone to, say, walmart and picked out a bra, it would still be the same basic shape and fabrics.

      • some.nerd says:

        At the end of the day, Victoria’s Secret is simply a brand of underwear, like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Bra straps happen! Not the end of the world.

  4. Martha Gail says:

    To be fair, Pinterest is filling up with Christmas ideas right now. I’m being bombarded with pins from friends who are getting their supplies to start making decor. They were already doing Halloween at the beginning of summer.

    • Coffee says:

      I’m not a crafts person, but isn’t that different? I mean, the projects on Pinterest are frequently gift and decoration ideas that require you to acquire materials and set aside large chunks of time to work on a project. When you look at it like that, three-and-a-half months of lead time isn’t that unreasonable.

      • Martha Gail says:

        You just made my point, sort of. People are getting out and getting stuff they need to start making stuff. Why not get your dusty left-over stockings out of the back and see if you can’t sell them to people trying to get a jump start.

        Don’t get me wrong, I hate seeing holiday creep, but coming from a retail background, I understand why they do it.

      • Laura Northrup says:

        If I’m going to cross-stitch a Christmas stocking, I need about three years of lead time.

  5. Press1forDialTone says:

    What IS the rpoblem? I already have my Christmas lights and displays up.
    I celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving on the same day in July to get
    them out of the way.