California Slaughterhouse Gets The Okay To Reopen After Cattle Controversy

The California slaughterhouse accused of abusing cows has apparently gotten the go-ahead to resume operations, after a temporary shutdown last week by the United States Department of Agriculture. When a controversial video reportedly showing ill treatment of cows hit the media, including footage of some cows that seemed unable to walk, big customers like the USDA itself, McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger announced they weren’t using beef from that plant any longer.

The company said last night it’s gotten approval from the feds to reopen today, reports the Fresno Bee.

“Sunday afternoon, the USDA informed us that it has accepted our action plan and we are free to reopen,” the company said in a statement, adding that it will resume operations today and is welcoming its employees back to work. About 450 people work for the slaughterhouse.

The controversy erupted over an undercover video shot by Compassion Over Killing, an animal rights group, that purported to show sick animals or “downer cows” being abused and in some cases, dragged to slaughter. It’s illegal to use cows that can’t walk for human consumption, as they may carry mad cow disease.

The USDA was upset enough over the video to order the plant to stop what it was doing for a few days last week. The agency also said it wouldn’t be using meat from the plant in its school lunch program, while chains In-N-Out and McDonald’s also let the public know they wouldn’t be buying beef from the plant there as well. It remains to be seen if the big-ticket clients will return to the fold now that everything has apparently been tidied up.

Central Valley Meat says USDA OKs reopening of Hanford slaughterhouse [Fresno Bee]



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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Temple Grandin would not approve.

  2. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I only eat burgers that come from cows that had three years of good times on pretty farms before getting a bolt in the head.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      Good times indeed.

    • Gambrinus says:

      I prefer my beef to come from cows who had a fulfilling intellectual life, studying the classics and spending their days debating philosophy, economics, and how best to correct the ills of society. None of those layabout welfare cows who simply mooch grass off the system for me.

  3. Blueskylaw says:

    Kalifornia Kattle Kontroversy? Has anything good come out of Kalifornia lately?

  4. JEDIDIAH says:

    An industrial execution facility abusing the condemned? Say it isn’t so!

    Beyond the Mad Cow angle this is a case of someone declaring that the blue sky is blue.

    • benminer says:

      So you’re saying it’s ok to mistreat an animal because you are just going to be killing it anyway?

      • Oh_No84 says:

        Mistreat? you are talking about sick and weak 1000 pound animal that they have to coerce into the slaughtering machine. They will shock it and do whatever they can to get it to stumble in there as they cannot lift it into the machine.

        I dont know what you mean by mistreat? The slaughter house job is to slaughter the animal or get fired.

    • AtlantaCPA says:

      That “mad cow angle” is no small matter. I’d prefer that rules to limit fatal diseases in the food supply be followed thank you.

      • JEDIDIAH says:

        Yes. That is the only valid reason to get your panties in a bunch here.

        The “let’s be kind to our food” angle is just absurd.

  5. Chuft-Captain says:

    Action plan. Translation: We have done absolutely nothing, but have written a plan saying X, Y, and Z will happen. We may or may not actually follow through.

  6. Press1forDialTone says:

    The action plan under Romney would be an apology for the
    stoppage and to continue abusing the animals as per normal.
    Plus, a fresh 10-year contract from the USDA. McDonalds however
    would not renew their contract because of the bad PR but the
    Romney government doesn’t care about bad PR because as
    Ann Romney said about Mitt now releasing more of his tax returns
    as other Presidential candidates have done:

    “We’ve told you people all you need to know” (look it up, she -actually-
    said that or something equivalent)

    You people, meaning everyone.

    • GitEmSteveDaveHatesChange says:

      Thank you for bringing Romney into this. The only thing this post was missing was inclusion of topics not included in the post.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        Hitler would have eradicated all the Jewish cows.

        Now it has everything.

  7. Oh_No84 says:

    Abusing cows??? Sorry, but they were not abusing cows. They slaughter them and that is their job.
    All slaughter houses force the cows into the slaughtering equipment no matter how sick or weak they are. That IS universal to the slaughter industry.

    It is just laughable that people even care about this nonissue. Either change the system everywhere where we let cows lay down on soft pillows as we allow them to push their own button to sacrifice themselves for food or just happily eat your cheese burger.

    • dks64 says:

      Did you even see the video? That’s absolutely abuse. ANY slaughterhouse who does this is abusing the animal.

      You know how I vote against the system? I don’t eat animals.

  8. Namilia says:

    Because Happy Cows come from California™