Medela Concerned About Milk Emergencies, Overnights Free AC Adapter For Breast Pump

Medela is a company that makes medical equipment and supplies for breastfeeding. Most notably, electric pumps that, at times, make mothers feel a little like dairy cattle. Scott just welcomed a new family member, and the family pulled their pump from their first child out of storage. The AC adapter wasn’t working, so they called up Medela to see whether they could buy a replacement. Instead, a new adapter was on its way, shipped overnight via UPS.

Hi, just wanted to pass on to you a great experience we just had with Medela. They make some medical equipment, but also a few models of breast pumps.

My wife and I welcomed our baby into the world 2 years ago, and got the Medela pump at that time. They come with a 1-year warranty. Well, baby #2 arrived 2 weeks ago, and my wife got the pump out to get it ready to be used. However, she discovered the AC adapter was going bad, and after a few false starts, the pump wouldn’t power on at all anymore.

She called Medela, fully expecting to simply buy another AC adapter since the warranty was out on the pump, but instead they sent us a new one for free, and even sent it overnight via UPS! They want the old one back, but they even provided a shipping label for it.

I know the adapter would have probably cost $30 or $40, but the money isn’t the point to me. I really appreciated them quickly taking care of us, without any hassle or drama, and I wanted to pass it on to you.

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