Medela Concerned About Milk Emergencies, Overnights Free AC Adapter For Breast Pump

Medela is a company that makes medical equipment and supplies for breastfeeding. Most notably, electric pumps that, at times, make mothers feel a little like dairy cattle. Scott just welcomed a new family member, and the family pulled their pump from their first child out of storage. The AC adapter wasn’t working, so they called up Medela to see whether they could buy a replacement. Instead, a new adapter was on its way, shipped overnight via UPS.

Hi, just wanted to pass on to you a great experience we just had with Medela. They make some medical equipment, but also a few models of breast pumps.

My wife and I welcomed our baby into the world 2 years ago, and got the Medela pump at that time. They come with a 1-year warranty. Well, baby #2 arrived 2 weeks ago, and my wife got the pump out to get it ready to be used. However, she discovered the AC adapter was going bad, and after a few false starts, the pump wouldn’t power on at all anymore.

She called Medela, fully expecting to simply buy another AC adapter since the warranty was out on the pump, but instead they sent us a new one for free, and even sent it overnight via UPS! They want the old one back, but they even provided a shipping label for it.

I know the adapter would have probably cost $30 or $40, but the money isn’t the point to me. I really appreciated them quickly taking care of us, without any hassle or drama, and I wanted to pass it on to you.


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  1. Gertie says:

    That’s fantastic! I’ve always been very impressed with Medela. I know not very many Consumerist readers will have much to say about competing breast pump brands, but they make the best. I’ve used several different types over the years and they win. Great to hear their customer support is top-notch, too.

    • grendyll says:

      We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Medela. We’ve had a couple of their pumps, and when the pumping membrane tore, they sent us two brand new faceplaces, membrane included, for free. Excellent company, and really seems to care about their customers!

  2. AcctbyDay says:

    For the record, it’s a bloody ac adapter, why would they think it would be 30/40$?

    Good for Medela, but for god’s sake what kind of wool are companies pulling over our eyes that an AC adapter can be seen as costing that much?

    • wombats lives in [redacted] says:

      I was thinking the same, then I recalled that apple has insane prices on their ac adapters and realized that people will often believe what they are told if they don’t know better.

  3. Kuchen says:

    When something similar happened to my pump, I did not have the same results. I tried to call Medela on a Friday evening, but their customer service line was only open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday (this was two years ago, their hours may be different now). I also sent an email which never got a response. I was working night shift all weekend and would be either away from my daughter at work, or sleeping, so I really needed a pump. I’m lucky that I work on an OB floor and I was able to borrow one of our hospital pumps while I was at work. I have no idea what I would have done if I didn’t work somewhere that happened to have breast pumps.

    • Kuchen says:

      Oh, it wasn’t really the AC adapter on mine, there was something wrong with the motor.

    • kmiles says:

      It’s not good that they didn’t reply to your email, though if they were only open 8am-6pm M-F, I wouldn’t have expected an answer to an email any more than expecting to get through via phone. Did you try again the following Monday? They have replace two pumps for me due to motor issues, outside of warranty even.

    • klmoo says:

      I think Medela is a rotten company! I had a problem where my pump lost suction (10 mo. after I purchased it, had only been using it for 8). I spoke to three women at their 800 line and all three said it “sounded fine.” They sent me new tubing, membranes, etc. and of course it didn’t work. It was a problem with the motor and they blatantly REFUSED to do anything further. I was already struggling with supply issues (I was pumping at work, nursing at home) and the 4-day wait to get the parts so that I could replace and call back… I couldn’t empty my breasts at work. I’m sure you know how that ended!

  4. mexxican says:

    I had a similar experience with Ameda when my wife knocked her breast pump off the night stand. They rushed another one out overnight.

  5. wombats lives in [redacted] says:

    It’s nice to know that not all companies are milking their consumers dry.

  6. JediZombie says:

    That is fantastic! I am very happy when any company goes above and beyond (these I am happy when they go the required distance). My wife also owns a Medela pump.

  7. kmiles says:

    I have also had great luck with Medela. Bought my first pump in 2010, and while using it for #2 a year and a half later, it just lost all suction. Called the company and they overnighted me a new pump. Fast forward 3 months and the motor on the replacement died – again they overnighted and I haven’t had a problem since.

    • Ga says:

      How did you get them to help you after a year and half? It was a complete different ball game for me. The power connector on my Pump Style Advance has gone bad, so i called them up for help. They refused to help due to the fact that it was over a year (out of warranty) and advised me to purchase another one(!?). I had no choice but to open the thing up (thinking it’ll go to the trash anyway) and soldered the connector myself. This happened three months ago.

  8. sadie kate says:

    My sister had a similar experience with Medela. Her nearly two-year old pump just stopped working one day. It was still under warranty, and she gave them a call, expecting she’d have to try and borrow a pump from a friend or sneak a three-month old into the office until she could swap hers out for a new one. They immediately overnighted it to her, so she only wound up missing a half day of work and let her send the broken one back at her convenience (and their expense).

  9. jojo319 says:

    My wife works for Medela. On top of stressing the importance of great customer service, they also treat their employess very well. People love working there.

  10. Press1forDialTone says:

    Medela is the best! As a man I will not go -anywhere- else for my
    breast pumps and accessories. Other companies treat me like I’m
    somehow strange, but those Medela folks KNOW that if you apply
    enough suction to a new father’s breasts he will lactate, at least if
    he knows what’s good for him.

    • Jane_Gage says:

      Nice try Mr. I didn’t want to order a penis pump in case they didn’t put it in plain brown packaging.

  11. MickeyG says:

    Nice :)
    Kind of funny reading that though. There are a couple stores in my area (where they will take care of problems for you if a problem arises), and they won’t carry Medela because of the experience they and other customers have had with their customer service and the pumps.
    Maybe they’re trying to fix that! I did buy a completely different brand though, as I thought their hospital pump was horribly inefficient.