Is RadioShack Preparing To Enter The Wireless Provider Arena?

RadioShack might be making a move from the place you go to buy batteries and maybe sign up with a major wireless carrier for a phone plan, to the place where it is the actual wireless carrier. Leaked documents circulating the document seem to indicate that the company is teaming up with Cricket Wireless to become a no-contract mobile virtual network operator.

An MVNO, as it’s known in the biz, is when a wireless services provider doesn’t actually own the spectrum on which its network runs, which is where Cricket Wireless come in.

Engadget posted screen grabs of two documents discussing which phones would be RadioShack Mobile-ready, as well as a page that describes exactly what RadioShack Mobile is. A phone number in the “getting started” section goes to Cricket’s customer service line.

“RadioShack No Contract Wireless lets you choose what’s important to you. Low monthly rates keep you connected and let you talk, text and browse anytime you want. You’ll have a choice of plans that feature nationwide coverage with no contracts to make it easy for you to stay connected wherever you go any way you decide.”

There’s mention of a plan for $25, and options to pay as you go with various forms of payment. Engadget asked RadioShack about this whole thing, and the company simply said it can’t comment on rumors or speculation. Oh, the suspense.

RadioShack Mobile leak suggests Cricket Wireless-based MVNO on the way [Engadget]


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  1. Ekopy says:

    More competition the better. Lets hope the big four start taking notice and begin to drop their expensive archaic contract prices.

    • SeattleSeven says:

      MVNO is faux competition. The big 4 (or six) make money either way.

      • Ekopy says:

        Very true. Albeit far less than being on them proper.

        • Coalpepper says:

          I sometimes wonder about that, after all, the company that’s actually providing the service doesn’t need to spend money on marketing, nor customer service, nor billing, nor… Well, you get the idea, they get one big check for providing the network and any other services they’re paid to provide (customer service for example), removing much of the overhead of the business.

      • alulim says:

        LoL only two companies are really making money right now.

        I can see them starting to put a little more pressure now what America Movil (straightalk) is in the game. Regardless this is cricket we’re talking about so maybe it will help them step up their network some to provide some actual competition.

  2. Mr. Fix-It is trapped in a collection of half-working appliances says:

    I see nothing but good things coming from this…

  3. mbd says:

    But what network(s) is Cricket Wireless on? That will determine actual coverage.

    This does not sound very different from Walmart’s Straight Talk, which is run by no contract trac-mobile, which runs on either Verizon or T-Mobiles network depending upon which phone you have.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I think Cricket is on Sprint.

      • SeattleSeven says:

        Cricket (Leap Wireless) has their own small regional network combined with a big roaming agreement with Sprint. This let’s them keep roaming costs down (sort of) while shouting about nationwide coverage.

  4. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    Not unless it comes with a free battery every month.

  5. PragmaticGuy says:

    Well, if they make enough money with this at least they won’t be sold to Best Buy.

  6. gb944 says:

    Sorry, Radio Shack lost my business years ago with trailing edge technology and surly service. If they were giving away phone service for free, I wouldn’t want to depend on it.

    • StarKillerX says:

      My biggest issue with Radio Shack is that doing anything in the store always takes forever.

      • scoosdad says:

        Because you’re always waiting behind someone who’s trying to pay their monthly wireless bill at the counter. In cash. In nickels and pennies. And they’re a little short on that cash. And both cashiers are attending to this customer whether they both need to or not.

  7. injera says:

    ha!! I def live in the building above that RadioShack in your photo

  8. injera says:

    ha!! I def live in the building above that RadioShack in your photo

  9. vliam says:

    Why not?
    It seem that the only thing they exist for is the peddling of cell phones anyhow.

    Not a damned person in the store can locate a capacitor.

  10. Cacao says:

    (Sound of crickets chirping)

  11. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    There’s a Radio Shack almost next door to the grocery store I frequent, yet if I need anything electronic, I’ll usually order it online rather than deal with them. I wish them luck with this venture, through.

  12. Press1forDialTone says:

    As an electronics geek/nerd during the 60’s/70’s/80’s Radio Shack was
    a beloved place to me and I still shop there for some items today over
    other stores just to keep my hand in.

    I hope they are wildly successful in their endeavor.

  13. bobosims says:

    great plan, but you have to give them your name and address every time you want to make a call!

  14. WorldOPeek says:

    Launch date is September 5th