Giving A Stranger Unsolicited Advice Should Always Require This Level Of Artistic Skill

Handing out unsolicited advice to strangers is generally frowned upon, but one topic is apparently not off-limits to anyone, ever. Scrawling “Wash me!” on a dusty, dirty or otherwise unsightly car has become socially acceptable behavior, unlike when I tried to tell a woman on the street that neon puce was an unfortunate color choice*. In any case, this rendering of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises has now set the bar for how to tell strangers what to do with their time.

I’ll admit, I’m not really a fan of the whole “wash me” thing, unless you’re a parent trying to instill a sense of responsibility in your own kid. So you see a dirty car on the street — ostensibly the owner either knows that and doesn’t care or hasn’t had a chance to wash it, or hasn’t been back to the vehicle in awhile. Rubbing your fingers on the window isn’t going to help the situation.

Unless, again, you draw Bane in what must have been a pain-staking manipulation of window dirt. That plan may have backfired because who is going to wash off something so cool? Especially if this was done by a parent with a teenager, that kid’s not going to be reaching for the hose and soap anytime soon.

Feel free to toss around other areas where it could maybe possibly be okay for a stranger to hand out advice in so public a manner, or share your own story of “Wash me!” woe.

*I would never bark my opinion at a stranger, really, but let it be known that neon puce is not an acceptable hue in any situation.

Bane’s Auto Wash [Reddit]

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