Attention, Costco Shoppers: Joan Rivers Handcuffed To A Shopping Cart Is Today's Special In Aisle 4

Costco customers stocking up on cases of bendy straws and vats of mayonnaise in Burbank, Calif. were like surprised to come face-to-surgically-altered-face recently, after comedy legend Joan Rivers staged a protest at the store this week. She’s peeved and claims that the bulk retailer won’t sell her new book because it contains curse words. So she handcuffed herself to a shopping cart — easy enough to roll out of the store.

CBS Los Angeles says the protest started outside, with Rivers yelling on a bullhorn about her book I Hate Everyone… Starting With Me.

“My book has been banned from Costco which is ridiculous because they’re funny,” Rivers said Tuesday. The brouhaha is apparently about two mock reviews by Wilt Chamberlain (not really him) and Marie Antoinette (again not her, plus she’s dead) on the back cover of the book which contain swear words.

As her book is on the New York Times best-sellers list and is sold by other ginormous retailers, Rivers thinks Costco’s stand against her book is interfering in customers’ legal rights to choose what they want to read. That’s a stance called: “If everyone else is selling it, why shouldn’t you?”

“This is an anti-First Amendment freedom of speech issue. I thought Costco buyers should have right to decide whether to read it. They should not censor our books,” Rivers said, adding, “This is company sells [toilet paper] by the pallet and condoms by thousands and they won’t sell Joan Rivers’ book.”

She managed to sell off 100 copies of the book and handcuff herself to a shopping cart before she was escorted off the premises by police.

Just another day at Costco, am I right? On that note, I do need more toilet paper.

*Thanks for the tip on a “celebrity Joan,” Harper!

Comedian Joan Rivers Protests Outside Costco In Burbank Over Alleged Book Ban [CBS Los Angeles]

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