Apple And Amazon Quietly Change Security Procedures After 'Epic Hack'

It was inevitable that one of the companies called out in Mat Honan’s piece about a few hackers destroying his digital life would change some of the loophole-laden security procedures that helped the baddies gain access to the tech journalist’s accounts. So we’re relieved to learn that Apple and Amazon have both closed the particular weak spots that allowed a few determined people to reset all of Honan’s key passwords for services like Google and iCloud, and to remotely wipe the hard drives of all of his Apple devices connected to iCloud.

Yes, tech fans, our information is safe: until the bad people of the world figure out another way to access our sweet, sweet information when we customers and company employees are careless. I give ’em maybe another five minutes.

Amazon Quietly Closes Security Hole After Journalist’s Devastating Hack [Wired]
After Epic Hack, Apple Suspends Over-the-Phone AppleID Password Resets [Wired]

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