This Mr. Clean Label Helps You Brush Up On Basic Math Skills

Have you ever looked at a 80 oz. bottle of Mr. Clean and puzzled over how many 40 oz. bottles of Mr. Clean would go into this larger size? Probably not, but this label clears up the math question no one really needed the answer to.

Consumerist reader Jack spotted this particular label and sent it in. He writes, “This bottle of Mr. Clean helped me with my math. Thank you Mr. Clean!”

We just wish Procter & Gamble had gone whole-hog with this math lesson…

One 80 oz. bottle = Two 32 oz. bottles + One 16 oz. bottle
One 80 oz. bottle = X + One 40 oz. bottle; solve for X.
One 80 oz. bottle of Mr. Clean leaves Detroit on an eastbound train at 2:32 p.m. ET at a constant speed of 83.2 mph. Two 40 oz. bottles of Mr. Clean leave Akron heading west 5 minutes later at a speed of 71.8 mph. When do they meet?

(Answer: They don’t, because Canadian border patrol stops the eastbound train in Ontario and confiscates all the Mr. Clean. And there is a huge lake in the way.)

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