Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Could Be Big Hassle For Accessories Owners

For five years, while there have been several iterations of the iPhone and Apple’s other iOS devices, they have continued to use the same 30-pin connector. This means that customers have been able to buy iPhone and iPad accessories without worrying about those items becoming antiques as soon as the next device hits the market. But if reports about the next iPhone are correct, Apple will be using a smaller dock on the phone, which could mean a big headache for some consumers.

InformationWeek brings up the topic in a new article, citing several reports and purportedly leaked photos of the iPhone 5 that seem to show a smaller, 19-pin connecter.

This would mean that, barring the use of a dongle, iPhone customers with accessories that use a 30-pin connection for docking purposes would be out of luck when they switch to the new device.

It’s possible that Apple could provide such a connector, allowing people to continue using their accessories, but that won’t be known until the next iPhone is actually announced.

On the topic of connectors, InformationWeek asks the question we’ve wondered for a while:

Since Apple has decided to make a change, however, it’s puzzling why it would move to another proprietary design instead of using the industry standard microUSB. MicroUSB has become the accepted port for every other cell phone maker on the planet. It would be far better for consumers if Apple went with a standard port rather than its own.

iPhone 5 Dock Smaller: Accessory Headache []

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