McDonald’s Pushing Its Healthier Items On Menus Just In Time For The Olympics

Even though its head chef says there’s nothing unhealthy on the menu in the first place, McDonald’s is going to be highlighting its healthiest items anyway, just in time for the Olympics and the wave of healthful inclinations sure to follow. The menus and drive-thru boards will soon showcase items with under 400 calories.

“Favorites Under 400 Calories” starts being a thing tomorrow, reports the Chicago Tribune, and is set to run in conjunction with the London Olympics. McDonald’s is one of the sponsors of the games, even building the world’s largest McDonald’s in the city to serve all those tourists.

“We’ve been looking at new ways we can provide easy-to-find and easy-to-understand, simple nutrition information,” said Neil Golden, McDonald’s USA chief marketing officer. “We’re always looking to evolve.”

Menus will display items in segments corresponding to different calorie counts — for example, offerings with fewer than 400 calories in one part, or even calorically smaller at under 300 calorie in another segment.

McDonald’s hasn’t said if the menu counts will become permanent or are only for the healthy-minded aspiring athlete types during the Olympics.

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