Bar Owner Buys Entire Texas Town, Renames It “Bikinis, TX”

The man behind the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill chain of eateries — so named for its servers’ barely-there attire — has purchased an entire abandoned town off Craigslist and named it after the restaurant, all with the goal of transforming the ghost town into a tourist destination.

Apparently, the town that is to become this flip-cup and beer pong pilgrimage site had been known as Bankersmith, TX, and is located west of Austin and northwest of San Antonio.

“There are currently a lot of trees and hills and that’s about it,” writes Austin Culturemap about the site.

The man behind Bikinis, TX, says the town he envisions “will be a world-class destination, and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership… There could not be a better way to put Bikinis on the map…literally.”

For his sake, we hope this goes over better than Hooters Air, a failed attempt to tie that restaurant chain’s brand to a business model that relies on more than selling beer and wings.

Say hello to Bikinis, TX: Proud “breastaurant” empire expanding into city governance [ via Austin Business Journal]

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