“Amazon Yesterday” Shipping Bends Time & Space, Would Be Worth Price Of Prime Membership

Last week, we talked about Amazon’s plans to speed up its delivery times and increase the number of items it offers for same-day delivery. But no matter how many warehouses Amazon builds or how many trucks it leases, it will never be as awesome as the purely theoretical “Amazon Yesterday” shipping.

Imagine you could get your Amazon deliveries — and returns — before you even place the order!

Sure, there may be some minor issues involved with monkeying around with the very fabric of existence, but you’d get the new Madden NFL not only a day before everyone else, but a day before you even got around to ordering it.

Alas, Amazon Yesterday only exists in the following video, but that has been enough to make us bust out our old DVD of “Primer” and inspired us to dust off the time machine we were building in the shed.

[via Buzzfeed]

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