Magical Machine Dispenses Cups Of Mashed Potato Goodness At 7-Eleven

We are in dire need of an explanation, American 7-Elevens. Why, oh why is there a mashed potato dispensing machine in Singapore and not here in these United States? Did we do something wrong? Is it our fault we can’t get our mashed potatoes on the go?

While we’re at it — how come it took the rest of the world so long to catch on to the phenomenon? This YouTube video (via Buzzfeed) chronicling the amazing experience of dispensing potatoes into a cup is hardly new, but the denizens of the Internet are just now grabbing it in its teeth and running wild with it.

There are a few simple instructions for those lucky enough to be faced with such a machine.

1. Place the cup under the nozzle.
2. Press the “Mashed Potatoes” button once.
3. Chicken gravy will be dispensed after 2 seconds.
4. Enjoy your mashed potatoes

We suppose if you’re not inclined toward chicken gravy, you best get your cup out of the way in less than two seconds.

Check out the magic in the video below:

7-11 Singapore, mashed potatoes [kkua1973 on Youtube]

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