Topshop Hops In Bed With Nordstrom To Bring Its Fashions To The Masses

Over in ye olde Europe, shoppers with an eye for trendy clothing are very familiar with Topshop, which is one step up from say, H&M, but not as expensive as a traditional luxury department store. But Americans have been going without the popular chain in most parts of the country, which is why it’s teaming up with Nordstrom to bring its fashion offerings to the masses.

The two companies announced the joint effort, which will bring Topshop and Topman goods to 14 Nordstrom locations around the country starting September 10, as well as online.

“I felt Nordstrom, because they are not specifically in our market, was a good reason to go with them, to have a point of difference,” Topshop’s owner Philip Green told Reuters. “Their customers understand fashion. They just possibly have not had the newness and speed of product that we have, at a more affordable level.”

Oh yes, affordability. We all know how Americans love fashion that seems a bit fancy but isn’t outrageously expensive, as evidenced by the immense popularity of stores like Target offering designer goods on the cheap.

An average of 4,000 square feet will be devoted to the Topshop merchandise at each Nordstrom location, and the hope is that the the deal could progress “way beyond” 14 stores, adds Green.

Soon you could be wearing a purple denim jacket, just like those super cool mannequins. Imagine that.

Topshop forms joint venture with Nordstrom [Reuters]


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  1. sir_eccles says:

    Step up?

    I believe a director once called the majority of the customers of Topman (sister store to Topshop) “hooligans buying a suit for their first court appearance”. (oh wow, that was longer ago than I thought)

  2. anthonyjames says:

    I’m really happy to see this happening. Most of the stores in America cut their clothes way too big for the ever expanding waistline of the public, so the stores based out of Europe (H&M, Topman) fit just right on me.

  3. purepoppeople says:

    Sounds cool. I remember when I lived in London a few years ago one of the things that really struck me was the affordability of trendy fashion. There’s a ton of H&M/Forever 21/Target type stores that sell very cheap versions of whatever’s on trend, and a lot of them seemed to do a better job of it.

  4. TBGBoodler says:

    Topshop is amazingly expensive for the quality of the goods. While the prices may compare with Nordstrom, the quality of the clothing would compare with Forever 21.