Home Depot Sells Defective Grill, Reacts Exactly Unlike Stereotypical Big Box Store


Having rented a truck to transport his new grill home from Home Depot, R. had every reason to expect all kinds of inconvenience when the new appliance wouldn’t light. At all. But that wasn’t so. When he called to report the problem, the store reacted with all of the efficiency and great customer service that we’ve come to never expect from the big-box stores on every street corner.

I purchased a Brinkmann gas grill, rented a truck to get it home, and
found it would not light. I spoke with a customer rep who promised to
call back within the hour, and he did. (This was a Friday night, 7/6)
On Monday morning (7/9), at 8:30 a.m., the department manager as well
as a helper were sent to my home with a replacment grill. (They
determined that the regulator on the first grill was defective.) How
about that for wonderful customer service?

It’s quite wonderful, in fact. Quite.

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