Queen Elizabeth II Ocean Liner To Be Turned Into Hotel For Landlubbers In Dubai

She may not be sailing the high seas anymore, but the Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner is set to hold tourists once again, this time as a 300-room hotel moored in a Dubai port. The company that owns the QE2 bought the ship in 2007 for $100 million and hasn’t done much with the beloved boat since then.

Istithmar World PJSC will renovate the QE2 to ready it for guests while preserving the interior to keep the charm that made it such a hit with travelers.

“We realized that a lot of people love the ship as it is,” Chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said at a briefing in the emirate today, via Bloomberg. “We will fix what needs to be fixed, but we will preserve its tradition and the way it was.”

The QE2 first hit open water in 1969, when it sailed from Southampton, England to New York City. It completed more than five million miles at sea, was the victim of a bomb hoax and ransom demand in 1972 and made headlines when it hit rocks near Martha’s Vineyard in 1992. It also survived Hurrican Luis during a westbound Atlantic crossing in 1995, after being hit by a 95-foot wave. It made its final sea voyage in 2008.

Now that it’ll be a stay-at-home ship, moored at Port Rashid, it’ll serve as a maritime attraction. Inside it boasts five restaurants, a cinema, a casino, a health club, a shopping area, a hospital, library and several bars.

QE2 Ocean Liner To Be Turned Into 300-Room Hotel Moored In Dubai [Bloomberg]


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  1. galm666 says:

    Dubai is a gigantic mess slowly being swallowed up by the desert. This should be hilarious to watch, and even more when we see the ship moored to a derelict port in an empty city.

  2. Coffee says:

    The expected high in Dubai tomorrow is 108 degrees…I think at some point, Dubai needs to ask itself, “Do tourists actually want to come here? Why? We’re basically Las Vegas, minus the casinos.”

    • geargutz says:

      If you read a little closer, you will see that the QE2’s attractions will include a casino as well.

      That being said, vegas gets boring after a while (believe it or not) and Dubai is certainly a place where things are done big, so I say why not?!

      • Coffee says:

        I was speaking to the city itself, where gambling is illegal. Yes, the ship does have a casino, or at least it had one. I guess time will tell whether it will be able to operate one while sitting in the water.

        And yeah, Vegas DOES get boring, which is why I plan on going to neither in the near future.

        • ChuckECheese says:

          I hate it when the women drag their abayat through the gravy on the buffet line.

    • ChuckECheese says:

      It’s only 105 in Phoenix right now. They should come here. We’re like Las Vegas, minus the casinos and plus the teabaggers. Are we still calling them that?

  3. NotInThisLife says:

    So not to be that guy…

    The writer is confusing two ships the QEII and the QE2. This is about the QE2 (or the second ship named after the first Queen Elizabeth). The Queen Elizabeth II is the first ship named after the second Queen Elizabeth.

    Sigh, I hate myself right now for actually knowing this.

  4. golddog says:

    Better stay sharp in the Gulf of Aden. If I were a Somali pirate in a slowing global economy, hijacking the QE2 would be just the pick-me-up I’d be looking for!

  5. raydeebug says:

    Wasn’t the Queen Elizabeth II featured in Unsolved Mysteries a bajillion years ago? About it being haunted or some such?

    • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:

      The Queen Mary definitely was. I just watched that segment last night! I have some of the Unsolved Mysteries DVDs from the library right now.

      • raydeebug says:

        Ah, yes. Queen Mary, that sounds right. I can’t tell all of these queens apart. XD

        Thanks. :D

  6. Elsewhere says:

    The monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. The ship is Queen Elizabeth 2.