DirectBuy Refunds Membership After Customer Obtains Levy, Plans To Sell Store Contents

A customer has gone to battle against pushy members-only shopping club DirectBuy, and won. How did they do it? The Pennsylvania couple enlisted the help of the legal system, a local consumer reporter, and the police. When the company wouldn’t pay the judgment filed against it in court, they showed up with cops and a levy against the company, so they could start hauling off office furniture and anything else in the store if they so desired. Instead, they found that the local DirectBuy outpost had moved, and a new store opened with different management. A coincidence, surely.

How’d they do it? Similar to the homeowner who “foreclosed” on Wells Fargo when they owed him money, the couple went to court and obtained a levy against the company that entitled them to show up at the doorstep and hold a public sale of whatever they found lying around. They showed up to find an empty store.

The husband visited the new location, and was told to come back the next day for a $2,600 refund of his membership fee. He did, bringing along a camera crew from the local news station he turned to for help.

Picking up and moving after being notified of a levy is a crime, and authorities are investigating.

Couple gets money back after 9-month legal battle [WGAL] (Thanks, Sherri!)

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