Kohler Advertises Lifetime Warranty, Actually Means it

Often our readers feel like “customer service” exists to send customers in circles, and a “lifetime warranty” only lasts as long as the company thinks the lifetime of the warranty should be. But there are exceptions, those companies that we say have gone “Above and Beyond.” Robert tells us that one of those companies is plumbing fixture maker Kohler, home of the $6,000 toilet and a lot of great customer service.

Back in 2005 when I was remodeling my home, I had to go shopping for three bathroom sink faucets.  I would up choosing Kohler, mostly because I liked the style of the fixtures, and because they touted that their sink valves have a “lifetime warranty”.  Now I’m always a little bit suspicious about absolute promises from any big company, but I liked the faucets and so paid the little bit extra to buy Kohler vs. a less expensive brand…

Fast forward to 2012, and one of my hot water valves just stopped working – I couldn’t turn it on at all.  I disassembled the faucet but could not get the valve out of the valve body – it was stuck!  I considered buying a new faucet to get my sink back working again, but then remembered Kohler’s warranty, looked up their number on the internet and gave them a call.

Let me just say that this is where I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED – at the EXCELLENT service!  I only had to press two buttons on the automated system before I was transferred very quickly to a pleasant, clear English speaking lady who promptly identified the make and model of faucet I was calling about, and within 5 minutes had ordered me a replacement valve body.  She asked if I had any other problems with Kohler products, and I told her that my kitchen sink sprayer was not flowing like it used to.  She said a new diverter valve would be included in the box, and that the parts should arrive in 5-7 days.  I was never hassled about proof of purchase, ownership, etc.

As good as her word, 4 business days later my replacement faucet valve (with a brand new supply hose) and a diverter valve arrived from Kohler.  All free, no cost, and living up to every bit of their lifetime guarantee.

Is $120 a lot to spend on a bathroom faucet?  I guess it might be, but I have no regrets and could not be happier with my purchases, or Kohler’s OUTSTANDING customer service!

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