NYC Restaurant Selling $1K Pizza With Six Kinds Of Caviar On It

Some nights all you want is a nice simple slice of cheese-laden, tomato sauce-slathered pizza. And then maybe, if you’re the kind with a fancy hitch in your britches, there are the times when all you want is to pay $1,000 for a pizza with a ton of fancy ingredients on it.

We all get satisfaction from our food in different ways, but at Nino’s Restaurant in New York City, the Bellisima Pizza offers happiness in the form of $820 worth of caviar (six different kinds, you see), and then about $180 for other ingredients, including the makings for dough and some Maine lobster sprinkled on top.

Factor in the labor involved in crafting such a piece of mouth-pleasing joy and the profit to be had on such a thing somewhere in there as well and it’s still pretty astounding.

We wonder what kind of gem-encrusted box one might get if you ask to take your leftover caviar pizza home. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, everybody.

For some reason we doubt that Nino’s is in touch with the American Pizza Community regarding their fight against calorie counts on menu boards.

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