Who Is J. Cohen, And Why Do They Have My Office Chair?

Fedex delivered Spike’s expensive new office chair right on time, but they didn’t deliver it to her. Someone signed for the package, scrawling “JC,” which was recorded as J. Cohen. Spike doesn’t know this person, and they certainly don’t live in her apartment. FedEx insists that the delivery was successful, and won’t help.

I ordered a $500 office chair to replace my current, broken mess, and the retailer shipped the delivery via FedEx Ground. FedEx claimed it was accurately delivered, and signed for by a “J. Cohen.” Except there is no J. Cohen at this address; I should know, because that’s my apartment. The chair has vanished, I’m out $500, and a completely uninterested FedEx has now been brushing me off for four calls in a row. Worst customer service experience of my life.


If FedEx won’t respond or take responsibility , then it’s time to contact someone other than FedEx. Contact the company that shipped the chair: they may surprise you and offer a replacement chair. If they don’t, consider a chargeback with your credit or debit card company. After all, you didn’t receive an item that you paid for.

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