No Matter Where You Are, UPS Will Always Come When You’re Not Around

What’s interesting about Michael’s complaint is that he owns a store that rents out mailboxes. He receives packages from UPS frequently at the store, and had his new hard drive from Newegg shipped there so he wouldn’t have to worry about it being delivered when he wasn’t home. This would have worked really well if UPS came by during anything resembling business hours. Had he known that they wouldn’t come by with the package until 7:30 PM, he would have sent it to his house.

So, I ordered a new hard drive off of Newegg since I was short on space and it was on sale. UPS 3-day was free, so I thought why not? Big mistake. I decided to have it delivered to my store since I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being home to answer the door. UPS tracking said that it would be here on Wednesday. Wednesday came, no sign of the delivery guy at closing (5PM), so I didn’t think much of it and just left. It turns out that the delivery guy came at 5:47, no one was there, and they would try again tomorrow.

The next day, someone from across the street came by and handed me the “InfoNotice” that was supposed to be on the front door. I wonder how it went there? Well, it said that they would try delivery again between 2 and 5. 5PM came, and no delivery guy. I thought he was just running a little late, so I decided to stay back and wait a little longer. After all, UPS says it was out for delivery again, and I really need this drive.

6:30PM, I’m still at the store and still no delivery guy. At this point, I’m pretty damn frustrated, so I decided to call UPS and gave them the InfoNotice number. They said that it would be another HOUR until the delivery guy gets here! I told her that there was no way I was going to wait another hour for a package that should have came the day before.

She then suggested that the package be put on will-call and I pick it up myself. At that point, I’m furious. Why in the hell would I waste even MORE of my time and gas to pick up that package!? I just told them to try again tomorrow. I just hope that they actually come this time.

To be fair, UPS is usually pretty reliable. I own a small store that rents out mailboxes, so packages from them come almost everyday. This incident really changes what I think about them.

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