Not The Best Idea To Gamble That $1.5 Million You Got Due To Bank Of America’s Error

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — there’s no such thing as free money. And if you do find yourself in the possession of millions of dollars in cash because your bank messed up, don’t take that dough and gamble it all away. It’s not going to end well.

A retired General Motors worker in Michigan used an ATM at a Detroit casino and found out that it would not only give him unlimited withdrawals, but would spit out whatever amount he entered, even though he only had a few hundred dollars in his Bank of America account.

So of course, he went hog wild, visiting multiple casinos and taking out huge amounts of cash and then gambling with it. When he’d lose all the money he gambled, he just returned to an ATM and pulled out more, reports

By the time Bank of America got wise to these shenanigans, he’d spent 15 days taking out a grand total of $1.5 million — and subsequently gambled every last penny away.

It’s now up to a federal judge to decide what to do with the man. Prosecutors are suggesting 15 months in jail because although the man had a “lapse of judgment,” the bank was at fault for letting the whole thing happen in the first place.

Bank error gives man unlimited ATM withdrawals at Detroit casinos []

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