Why Doesn’t Sony Playstation Network Want My Money?

Jonathan’s sons sometimes want to buy downloadable content for their Playstation 3 games. He’s perfectly happy to buy this content for them, because he’s a nice dad like that. Unfortunately, his money is no good at Sony. He uses his credit card to add $10 to his virtual wallet. Then the same card won’t work immediately afterward. Neither will a different card.

Every now and then one of my sons wants to buy an add-on to one of their PS3 games like Rocksmith or Call of Duty. I went to my PSN account as I have always done in the past to add funds to my wallet. I successfully added $10 but when I went back to add another $10 I got the error: “The credit card information is not valid. Please check your entries carefully.”

After retrying again with the same error I finally entered another card. Same error. I waited a few days and tried again. Same error. Tried another computer with another CC a few days later. Same error. Apparently, this has been an ongoing problem for years that they refuse to fix. Calling customer help was useless. Their only solution was to buy a pre-paid card and enter that code. I’ve seen reports of those codes not getting accepted so I’m afraid to spend the money and still not be able to purchase anything.

It’s bad enough you can never fully use up all the money in your wallet or get it refunded, but now you can’t even add to it. Very frustrating!

At least being unable to add to the wallet prevents the problem of being unable to spend it all?

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